Fix Spectrum DGE-1001 error

The Spectrum TV app is an application for watching on-demand content and live TV. It is a free application for mobile devices, which you can use in various ways.

You can use it to schedule recordings, tune to a DVR, and search for content, among other things. But while it is one of the best TV apps available, it is prone to errors.

For some time now, users have noticed the Spectrum DGE-1001 error whenever they use the app.

Why does the error dge-1001 error occur on Spectrum?

But what does Spectrum error code DGE-1001 mean and how can you fix it?

DGE 1001 is a generic error that indicates a problem with your network. It is an error that is specific to the Android platform.

How to fix Spectrum error DGE-1001

If you come across it, here are several ways of fixing it:

1. Check your internet connection

You need a stable internet connection to stream or play videos on your Spectrum TV app.

If your internet connection is weak, you will get the DGE-1001 error code when trying to play the video. The best fix is to ensure your device has an internet connection.

If the app was working just fine on the same network, you may want to restart your router. You should also try using an alternative internet connection.

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2. Restart your app

You may have a stable internet connection, but the app can fail to establish a connection. That can happen when the app has been running for a while among the cached background processes.

The app will drain more memory and fail to establish a connection or work well altogether. When that happens, the best option is to restart it.

Exit the app from your home screen and reopen it again.  You can also stop the app through the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Scroll to locate and select the Spectrum App
  • Tap on Force Stop

Go to the app again from the home screen and reopen it. When you force stop an Android app, it stops all its processes, including foreground and background processes.

That should refresh it and allow it to establish a connection. Reopen the app and try watching videos again.

3. Switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi

Since the error occurs because of a network problem, try to switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Wireless & Networks or Connections depending on your device
  • Turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on

Check the difference by reopening the Spectrum App. If nothing happens, go back and turn mobile data on or Wi-Fi off and see whether it works.

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4. Check your preferred network type

For mobile devices, you need either a 3G or 4G connection to stream on the Spectrum TV app.

So, if the Spectrum app won’t work, check to ensure you are not on a 2G network because it is slow and cannot stream HD videos.

To ensure that your preferred network is either 3G or 4G, go to:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Wireless & Networks
  • Open Cellular Networks
  • Select your Preferred Network type

From the list, choose either 3G or 4G (LTE/HSPA). Go back to your app and try again.

You may encounter several Spectrum app error codes when you use the application. On Android, most error codes such as DFE-1004, DLC-1001, and DGE-1001 indicate network connection issues.

You should, therefore, ensure you have a stable internet connection whenever you use the Spectrum app to avoid errors.


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