10 best Spotify visualizers for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

Music visualization refers to the generation of animated imagery on a piece of music. This is mainly done by music players.

The visualizer will extract digital information from the soundtrack in the form of frequency or wavelength and later display it in the select visualization patterns.

By default, Spotify lacks set visualizations. To enhance the listening experience and for those who prefer their music with visualizations, there are visualization tools that have been created specifically for Spotify.

They will analyze the music and preview the best visualizations.

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The best Spotify visualizers

Here are ten of the best visualizers for Spotify.

1. Kaleidosync


Kaleidosync is an exclusively online visualization system. This means there is no need for downloading the application.

Once you open this website on your browser, you will be prompted to log in to your Spotify account and when you play the music you will have different visualization options.

2. Inbuilt Spotify music visualizer

Spotify inbuilt visualizer

Spotify has gone ahead to develop its own in-house visualization tool. This is however only compatible with the desktop version of Spotify. The tool requires activation first.

To activate, you first go to the Spotify search bar and type in Spotify: app:visualizer. Finally, select the best generator on the options available. This feature works only with older versions of Spotify.

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3. Spotify Web Visualizer

Spotify chrome visualizer extension

This is an extension available on Google Chrome that will allow you to go full screen while listening to Spotify on the web. This will, however, only provide a visualization of the album or track art of the song on play.

It might not offer numerous visualization options but is one of the easiest ways to have a form of Spotify visualization.

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4. Jamescastells visualization tool

Jamescastells visualization tool

This is one of the coolest Spotify online visualizers. It has amazing 3D visualizations and animations. The effects are numerous in different designs.

It is a simple but elegant Spotify visualizer. The visualizer is provided free by the developer. The only thing you need to do is to log in with your Spotify account.

5. Echo Nest

This an exclusive visualizer for Spotify. It has 3D designs that can be customized to enhance the experience. It is among the most used music visualizers on the internet.

Echo Nest offers cool themes to match your music selection.

There are other ways in which visualizations can be incorporated into Spotify. This includes third party application downloads.

The apps could range from music players to specialized music visualizers. Third-party apps are recommended when using mobile devices. With this in my mind, the list continues below.

6. Synesthesia


This is a third-party Spotify app visualizer. It has over 40 in-built scenes that offer high-quality visuals while playing music. All Spotify songs can be played in a visualized form.

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It has amazing features such as preinstalled orientations that match well with the Spotify player.

7. PotPlayer

Pot Player

This is another third-party audio visualizer. It offers real-time visualizations depending on the loudness of the music being played. This mechanism allows you to have some of the great visualizations available.

This player is free software that can be downloaded from Appstore for Mac and iOS users while for Android users it is found Google Play Store.



This tool is available for Windows and Android devices. It plays videos as well as audio tracks. After downloading the app, you will need to select the best display mode for your Spotify tracks.

Navigate to setting and on visualization select your preferred option.

9. iTunes

iTunes visualizer

This is the ideal Spotify visualizer for Mac. iTunes has inbuilt visualizations. You can sync your Spotify music to iTunes and enjoy some great visualizations.

It is easy to change animation effects as there are keyboard shortcuts for changing visualizations.

10. VLC


This is one of the most popular music players on the market today. VLC has its own inbuilt visualizations. When playing Spotify music with VLC you are able to utilize all the available visualizations.

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This is a free application that can be downloaded from the VLC website. The application is compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

The question “does Spotify have a visualizer?” Is effectively answered with the above list. The two techniques of using visualizations provided on websites and using applications downloaded will fit users differently.

Default system apps such as Windows Media Player can also be synced with Spotify for some of the best visualizations. Music synchronization is key in making the system work.

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