10 best Spotify playlist downloaders for PC, Mac, and Android

Spotify offers a fantastic way to listen to your favorite tracks. Still, its incredible features mainly apply when working online.

Sometimes you may feel the need to take some of your favorite tracks offline. This is difficult to do if you are not aware of how to download a Spotify playlist.

The main download options are readily available for premium users.

If you have a premium account, you should see a download option that allows you to save your tracks on this music streaming platform for offline use.

 However, these can only be played on Spotify due to the file format used. This is where some users find other methods of downloading playlists from Spotify.

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Spotify playlist downloaders for Android, PC, Mac, or iOS

Many developers have developed tools to help you get playlists offline.

To make it easier for you, here are the 10 best Spotify playlist downloaders for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

1. KeepVid Music

KeepVid is a music downloader that can download files from several websites. You can also download Spotify playlists on android using this downloader.

This tool will allow you to not only download audio and visual files but also compress and convert your data to several formats that you may desire.

It also has a tag editor that will assist you in fixing all lost music information in a few clicks.

2. Mp3fy

The one highlight of this software is that there is no need to install it on your device.

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Unlike most other download software, it is available online which allows you to access it across multiple platforms.

You can export music from Spotify with ease. Another advantage of this software is the fact that it is a free product.

Its main limitation, however, includes its limited website supportability.

Apart from Spotify, it can download music from a few other sites. Its major downside is that you can only download Mp3 files with this software.

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3. TunesKit

This is a comprehensive software that shifts the emphasis on download and converting music and playlists from Spotify to different audio formats.

If you need to download a Spotify playlist to Mp3, this is your perfect tool. It maintains the track fidelity and metadata.

This means additional information such as thumbnails, track art, genre, and track year is maintained.

It has an excellent user interface with the tools well displayed. The only limitation with the interface is only that it is in English only.

TunesKit is also paid software. It has additional options such as the ability to edit bit rate and sample rate.

4. DRMare

This is one of the user-friendly programs available. It allows you to download Spotify playlists with or without premium subscriptions.

How to download a Spotify playlist with this program is quite simple. It offers you quick steps such as drag and drop.

You have the option to transfer your music to your iPad, iPhone, Android, or music player for offline listening.

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It has no limitations. You also get a high-quality audio file such as 320kbps.

5. Spotiload

This downloader was previously referred to as Spotify VK Downloader. It is an extension of google chrome that can export a Spotify playlist to your devices.

After you install the program, you need to sign in to your vk.com account and scan the playlists you want. You launch the Spotiload toolbox and find your favorite music.

It is free software that is easy to install and operate. Some limitations include the lossy audio quality and the restriction to only Spotify downloads.

6. Sidify

Sidify music converter for Spotify is a standalone software that improves the speed of downloading playlists.

It also preserves the track tags and maintains the audio quality of your tracks. Sidify is available in 34 languages.

The app also provides regular updates which makes it quite reliable.

You can also remove ads while recording. The main limitations are it’s a paid product, needs iTunes when linking with iOS devices.

7. AudFree

AudFree Spotify Music Converter is a playlist downloader that can also convert playlists to WAV, AAC, and Mp3 formats.

It gives you the ability to enjoy ad-free music offline.

AudFree maintains the audio quality of your playlists after download. However, it is a paid software. Also, AudFree is incompatible with the Windows Store Spotify app version.

8. iMusic

iMusic is a music management application that offers a variety of features.

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This is an ideal tool for you to record, download, and manage your music.

It has over 3000 download sites. The app also keeps your listening history on Spotify for easier access later.

You can also synchronize your music to your Android and iOS devices. It is also an ads-free program. It, however, is a paid product.

9. Ondesoft

This is free software that allows you to download playlists and songs from DRM to DRM.

All you have to do is drag n drop music from Spotify to the program’s search bar.

You can also copy the playlist’s URL’s to the search bar.

The application will give you the option to customize the output quality and format to your own preferences. It is a free-to-use program.

10. Playlistconverter

Playlistconverter.net is a website that provides conversions from Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming services. The site offers the ability to download an entire Spotify playlist.

The playlist can then be loaded on different platforms. It is quite simple to use. The site has some limitations.

Among them is that it actually can down a playlist file and not the music. It also cannot output the music as Mp3.

All these apps downloads will in one way or the other allow you get to download a Spotify playlist wherever you want.

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