10 best home improvement shows on Hulu

Hulu is packed with many genres of movies and shows that can satisfy all your entertainment interests.

Home improvement and design shows are among these genres – and they are worth the watch time. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy watching a run-down building transform into a beautiful haven for a lucky family?

Whether you want to binge on these shows to feed your home obsession, get some know-how on your next home project, or maximize your home’s real estate potential, Hulu has got your back!

If you are a real estate and renovations fanatic, you’ll enjoy these best home shows on Hulu that are a must-watch.

1. Hidden Potential

Cast: Jasmine Roth (self-host)

Hidden Potential

Jasmine Roth proves that creativity and skills can transform a plain, dull house into a personalized dream house.

The Californian designer and contractor use her special South Carolina touch to turn tasteless properties into one-of-a-kind homes.

Roth uses her design and contractor skills to show the hidden potential behind all her renovation projects.

She will stop at nothing! Whether it is redesigning space, interior/exterior design, or knocking down walls.

Jasmine Roth’s projects have signature bright touches, accents, and custom paintings. Hidden Potential should be on your list of all the home renovation shows on Hulu!

2. Good Bones

Cast: Karen Laine, Mina Starsiak, Ted Starsiak, Austin Aynes, Cory Miller

Good Bones

Good Bones is hosted by Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak, a mother-daughter duo that makes you dream of having a family-owned business.

The Indianapolis-based team founded their company – Two Chicks and a Hammer. This company grew to be a source of happiness for Indy residents.

Karen and Mina rebuild neighborhoods from tumble-down buildings to chic homes under a strict budget.

The iconic duo significantly upgrades all their projects while maintaining their classic features. This show combines expertise, cost-effectiveness, and humorous mother-daughter back and forth.

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3. Family Home Overhaul

Cast: Kate Campbell, Cheryl Hickey along 14 contractors

Family Home Overhaul

Family Home Overhaul is one of the most heartfelt home improvement shows on Hulu. Chery Hickey or Kate Campbell hosts the Canadian remodeling show.

This feel-good series puts smiles on selfless families in every episode.

The host and her team of HGTV’s 14 top contractors visit the homes before renovation to get familiar with the house and the family members. They later send the family on a vacation as they redesign their home.

This show’s cast and the community work together to transform houses and the lives of those in them.

4. Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition

Hosted by: Ty Pennington, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover is among the most watched home renovation shows on Hulu.

The team of contractors, designers, and a couple of hundred workers/volunteers have a week to tear down and remodel a house.

You can imagine the pressure of designing the interior, exterior, and landscape in such a short period.  

Fans enjoy the tension and banter throughout the renovation. This show gives life back to families or people that have gone through devastating experiences like the loss of loved ones, divorce, or illnesses.

And that is why it is one of the beloved home design shows on Hulu.

5. Home to Win

Top Cast: Sangita Patel, Brian Baeumler, Danielle Bryk, Sarah Baeumler, Tifanny Pratt, Mike Holmes, Kate Campbell, Mike Holmes Jr., Sebastian Clovis, Joey Fletcher, Rob Evans, Colin Hunter, and 17 other appearing cast members

Home to Win

Home to Win is a show that maintains the thrill throughout every episode.

The Canadian home renovation TV series, hosted by Sangita Patel, shows the team remodeling a dilapidated house from the foundation to rooftop, room to room.

The show’s cast has to pick among four home design styles; unconventional, suburban, urban, or country.

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They also have head-to-head challenges where they offer their extraordinary skills to contribute to the final design of the house.

In this season’s finale, three first-time house buyers will have the chance to compete for the final prize.

6. Love it or List it

Cast: David Visentin, Eric Eremita, Hilary Farr, Jenny Kaye Mahorney, Jason Byrd, Jacqueline Hennessey, Tina Morasco, Beth Donovan, Ashton Doudelet, Daniel Donovan, Liam Donovan, Luke Donovan

Love it or List it

This series has been one of the top 10 home improvement shows on Hulu because of its fun rivalry. In each episode, a couple has to choose between Hilary Farr (interior designer) and David Visentin (real estate agent).

Hilary helps the couple remodel their home (Love It), whereas David allows them to sell the house and move on (List It).

Which host will win? And what outrageous demands will the couple have for the winner?

You will enjoy hanging on every moment to get to the big, surprise ending.

7. Worst to First

Cast: Mickey Fabriano, Sebastian Sevallo, Catherine Yuen

Worst to First

Finding a dream house at affordable prices is almost impossible in this real estate economy. So the best solution is revamping fixer-uppers, which is what this series is all about.

Worst to First has four main themes; house flipping, remodeling, design, and real estate. It is not just your regular reno show!

The cast must choose the most proverbial, challenging houses and remodel them to paradise for their clients.

The result should be the creme de la creme of all other houses in the neighborhood.

8. Home Town

Cast: Erin Napier, Ben Napier, Kelvin Robinson, Kristen Robinson, Amber Hayes, Richard T. Jones

Home Town

If you are looking for a TV series that restores old homes and historic properties, Hometown is your number one pick.

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Erin and Ben Napier use their contractor and remodeling skills to help residents all over Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin is stylish and a graphic design expert, while Ben is a woodwork and building pro. The couple uses vintage textile and wood pieces to design a deluxe, historical masterpiece.

The Napiers’ projects stand out because they maintain the vintage characteristics of the house but add contemporary modifications. Talk about restoring a diamond in its rough to magnificence!

9. Fixer Upper

Cast: Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines

Fixer Upper

Joana and Chip Gaines are a favorite classic when discussing top interior design show on Hulu. The classic renovators work with their clients and help them modernize their bland houses to modish residences.

The couple is perfect at designing luxurious homes, throwing witty jokes at each other, and hosting a remarkable show.

The Gaineses do not have a boring episode with five aired seasons. No wonder their brand keeps growing – they have their network now, namely Magnolia!

If you are in Canada, you can watch Magnolia through Discovery+.

Binging on Fixer Upper on a relaxed Saturday is a lovely weekend for any home show lover.

10. Say Yes to the Nest

Premier Cast: Cam and Brent Li

Say Yes to the Nest

This series would be perfect if you enjoyed Say Yes to the Dress and House Hunters. The show helps young and excited couples finally settle down as just married.

Each episode has different newlyweds, making the show captivating and fresh. Many fans get some insight into the honeymoon phase of married life at its peak.

There you go! Watch these top house design shows on Hulu if you are a home improvement, design, and renovation enthusiast.

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