How to add or remove channels from “My Stuff” on Hulu

Hulu’s My Stuff is your space for all the things you want to track. The feature allows you to add your favorite movies, TV series, channels, and more.

You can control whatever goes to My Stuff, and then the service organizes what you have watched and what videos you have not finished watching.

To experience the convenience of using the feature, you first need to know how to add to My Stuff on Hulu and also remove things like channels and tv shows.

Hulu offers a simple and easier way of adding and removing channels from My Stuff. Ideally, you may have several reasons for wanting to add channels to the Hulu My Stuff feature.

Why should you add channels on ‘My Stuff’ on Hulu?

Some reasons include:

  • Keep track of television shows and other favorites on Hulu
  • Know when a movie will expire
  • See a list of upcoming sports events
  • Record games involving your favorite teams
  • Follow your favorite networks

You may also want to remove channels because you want to stop keeping track of the content provided. But how do you add or remove shows from My Stuff on Hulu? Follow the steps below.

How to add channels to Hulu My Stuff

To add a channel to My Stuff:

  • Log in to your Hulu account using your credentials
  • From the Home Screen, go to My Channels
  • Scroll down through the channels and select More Networks
  • From the list of available networks, select the ones you want to add
  • Click on the plus (+) button
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Clicking on the plus (+) button will Add TV channels. Congratulations! Now you know how to add networks to My Stuff on Hulu.

How to remove channels from My Stuff on Hulu

Here is how to remove channels and networks.

  • Go My Stuff hub or content details page
  • Find the channel you want to remove
  • Deselect the channel by clicking the My Stuff button
  • Alternatively, highlight the channel and hit on the minus (-) button
  • Next, scroll down and hit Remove to confirm

When you remove a channel that offers live TV, you will not see future airings.

How to add a Watchlist

The Watchlist feature on Hulu allows you to organize the content you want to stream. If you have some shows in your Watchlist, you can add them to My Stuff. Here, you will have to use the Sync Watchlist to My Stuff feature to add the content.

  • Go to your Hulu Account page and log in
  • From the Manage Account overview area, click on Sync Watchlist to My Stuff
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Click on Sync

The steps will allow you to transfer all your movies and shows from your Watchlist into My Stuff.

How to add or remove channels from Hulu Watchlist

Before you can sync your Watchlist to My Stuff, you must first add content to the feature. You only add content to your Watchlist by watching a movie or a series. Hulu will do the rest. To add videos manually:

  • Go to the movie details page
  • Select the plus (+) Add to Watchlist button
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If you want to remove shows from Watchlist on Hulu, go to the show details page and select the minus (-) Remove from Watchlist button.


It is easy to add networks to My Channels on Hulu and sync your Watchlist to My Stuff. All you have to do is to search the network or channel you would like to stream and tap on the (+) Add to My Stuff button. If you want to remove it, deselect the button.


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