How to fix Hulu error P-DEV318 easily

One advantage of using Hulu is you can stream the service on many devices. One of these is the Xbox One. On Xbox One, you can enjoy a decent range of on-demand videos and live events.

You can also watch your favorite TV shows and add users to your account. But there are times when users encounter playback issues while streaming on Hulu.

For example, you may have lately come across Hulu error code P-DEV318 when watching a video.

The Hulu error code P-DEV318 is a playback problem. It is an issue that is synonymous with Xbox One users. When it occurs, you are unable to watch a video or even stream a live event.

Some reasons why the issue occurs include:

  • Hulu servers are down or under maintenance
  • Low bandwidth
  • Slow internet speed

Steps to fix P-DEV318 error on Hulu

According to Hulu, error P-DEV318 is a bug that the service has been investigating. To try and fix it, follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. Upgrade your internet speed

You may come across the P-DEV318 error on Hulu when streaming a live event. The problem could be a slow internet speed. Technically, the Xbox One buffers videos.

In other words, it streams videos ahead of the live event you are watching. That makes it play continuously.

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Once the video reaches the point where the whole file has been playing, a delay might occur. It is here where you will see a loading message or spinning circle on your Xbox One.

That may take a few seconds until the video can play again. In the case of Hulu, the buffering takes longer, and the P-DEV318 error occurs. The best fix is to improve your internet connection.

Here is how:

  • Switch off the Xbox One and all devices connected to your home network
  • Close other background processes on your device
  • Connect the device to the router using an Ethernet cable
  • Move the router and modem closer to your Xbox One or vice versa

You can also try to perform a speed test to check whether you have at least 8.0 Mbps. That is recommended for streaming live events.

2. Restart Xbox One

You can power-cycle your device by restarting it. That will reset the software and clear out any glitches affecting the device, including Hulu error P-DEV318.

Even if your Xbox One has been running error-free, shutting down its system will refresh connections and establish anew. Do the following.

  • Turn off the device by holding the Xbox button for about ten seconds
  • The console will turn off
  • Power it on, by pressing the Xbox button
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It is also helpful to perform a power cycle on your modem and router. You can do that by unplugging your equipment from the power source and waiting a few minutes before powering back up.

The next step should be to try Hulu again and see what happens.

3. Contact Hulu

Contacting Hulu via online chat is the easiest way of finding a solution to the problem. The streaming service will need your account-specific information to try and fix the issue.

That is because the error only affects a section of subscribers using specific devices to stream on the platform.

In conclusion

The Hulu P-DEV318 error mostly occurs when you are streaming a live event, such as the World Series. A quick fix to the problem is to restart your device and try again.

Also, check to ensure that your speed is at least 8.0 Mbps. If nothing works, contact the Hulu support team for further troubleshooting.


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