Amazon Prime Video: 5 facts to know before signing up

Since its launch, Amazon Prime Video has proven to be a worthy competitor among the available streaming services.

The platform has an outstanding collection of originals and an extensive library of movies and television shows worthy to binge-watch anytime.

An advantage of Prime Video is that you can access the content if you already subscribe to Amazon Prime for free shipping because the video offering comes with the entire package.

But if you are a first-time subscriber, there are several facts you should know before signing up.

5 things to know before subscribing to Amazon Prime Video

While most Amazon Prime reviews capture a lot of information about Prime Video, there are some things that they often miss out on. Here are 5 critical things you should know before you sign up.

1. You can rent and buy Prime Video titles

Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime
Image: Amazon

You do not have to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video every month to access films or TV shows. Instead, you can opt for Prime Video rental and only watch what you want.

In addition, Prime Video has select titles that you can rent or buy through the Amazon website and app on supported devices.  

Rentals for older titles on Prime Video cost between $3.99 and $4.99. Newer releases range from $19.99 to $24.99.

Once you rent a movie, you have up to 30 days to start watching, then up to 48 hours of unlimited playback.

2. Amazon Prime Video gives you access to Live TV

Although you can stream thousands of shows, the service also gives you access to Live TV.

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Live TV is available through a feature called Prime Video Channels. The feature is the best for users that want to cut the cord and add TV channels to their Amazon Prime account.

However, channels are an optional add-on for subscribers and they cost an additional fee every month. You can pay for the live streams or on-demand content.

3. You can cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription anytime

Prime Video gives you the option to cancel your subscription anytime.

However, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you cannot cancel Prime Video without canceling Amazon Prime.

This means that you will have to cancel Amazon Prime first to cancel the video option automatically.

The advantage is Amazon offers Prime Video as a standalone service too. Therefore, if you subscribed to Prime Video alone, you can cancel the service anytime.

Also, if you paid for the service and have not used any benefits, Amazon will refund you the full amount of your current Prime membership period within three to five business days.

4. Your region determines the type of content you stream

Copyright and licensing restrictions force Amazon Prime Video to limit its content to specific regions despite the service being available in over 200 countries.

Therefore, even if you pay the full amount, you will not watch some titles, depending on your location.

For example, The X-Files TV series is not available in many jurisdictions apart from the United States.

Essentially, your regional experience can differ significantly from the content you stream on Prime Video.

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5. You can watch the latest movies released in theaters

Amazon Prime Video Cinema
Image: Amazon

Prime Video has a feature called Prime Video Cinema. The service allows you to watch the latest movies just released in theaters.

That means you do not have to leave your home to go to the local cinema hall to watch the latest film. Furthermore, you can stream early access movies, all available to rent or buy.

Is Amazon Prime better than Netflix?

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are two of today’s biggest streaming services. The services are unique in the content they provide for streaming.

However, the two are incomparable, and Netflix trumps Prime Video in many ways, including:

1. Content

Netflix has original content from every continent. It has many originals that have become popular among streamers. Besides, its movies, TV shows, and documentaries are available in every genre.

On the other hand, Prime Video has an extensive library of more than 24,000 movies and 2,000 TV shows. Prime Video also has many originals.

But its competitive advantage is in the colossal number of classic films and TV shows.

2. Subscription cost

Netflix has a direct subscription cost that is also easy to understand. You can pay $9.99 for the Basic plan, $15.99 for the Standard plan, and $19.99 for the Premium plan per month.

Amazon Prime Video’s subscription cost is $119 per year for Amazon Prime membership. The price includes the entire Prime library and other shopping-related benefits offered by Amazon.

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However, you opt to subscribe to Amazon Prime for $13 per month or get Prime Video only for $9 per month. If you opt for Prime Video, you can also opt for a free trial.

Netflix also outshines Prime Video in terms of user experience and the number of devices supported.

Is Amazon Prime Video worth it?

The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime
Image: Amazon

Amazon Prime Video is worth it if you want to cut the cord. The streaming platform will give you a library of thousands of TV shows and films and allow you to access live TV.

For an additional $13 per month, you can get Video Cinema, where you will stream the latest movies released in theaters.

This feature is not available on many streaming platforms and it is what makes Prime Video one of the best streaming services available.

Should you sign up for Prime Video yet?

With over 24,000 movies and 2,000 films, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming platforms available. Its content database rivals other streaming giants like Netflix.

Besides, Prime Video is priced fairly and even offers a 30-day free trial.

If you are looking for a wide variety of movies and TV shows, Prime Video is great for you. However, if you live outside the United States, then you might want to consider other streaming services like Netflix.

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