10 best home improvement shows on Amazon Prime

Do you love home improvement reality TV shows? Or maybe you are looking for that perfect idea for your new home?

Look no further. Amazon Prime has a classic collection of this and more shows that will go a long way in your home transformation journey.

There are series ranging from interior design and home and garden life to how you can transform your backyard in just a few days.

This post outlines 10 of the best home improvement shows you’ll find on Amazon Prime.

1. Help! I Wrecked My House

Cast: Jasmine Roth, Hazel Lynn Roth, Scott Cross, Joshua Sandle, Brian Polan

Help! I Wrecked My House home improvement show

This is one of the best Amazon Prime shows that remodel homes. It is hosted by a former DIYer herself, Jasmine Roth.

Together with her group of experts, Jasmine helps homeowners who embark on DIY projects to renovate their homes but encounter problems they were unable to fix. As a result, they are now living without bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens.

The show allows you to learn the types of projects you should avoid tackling by yourself during your home improvement. Instead, it would be great to involve an expert who will save you lots of money and time.

2. Best Laid Plans

Cast: Sophie Morgan, Charlie Luxton

Best Laid Plans is a home improvement show that airs on Amazon Prime

Best Laid Plans is one of the top home improvement shows on Amazon Prime with a good following.

Every episode of this show showcases two families redesigning their homes. Architectural designer Charlie Luxtonanda and property developer Sophie Morgan assist renovators in Britain.

They guide them through resettling their design dilemma by giving them advice and guidance. Their goal is to ensure that the indecisive homeowners reach an agreement. They then continue with their dream home project.

The duo will even take the homeowners to see some fantastic properties. This is so that they can derive some inspiration for their home.

The show ends with the couple excited about having the new house they’ve dreamed of. If you love TV shows that remodel homes, you will watch every episode of Best Laid Plans.

3. Design Matters

Cast: Shannon Jackson

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Design Matters home improvement show

By far and great, Design Matters is one of the most entertaining as well as the informative home design shows on Amazon Prime.

This Canadian-based series showcases unusual interior design projects. A group of experts in design offer renovations that have to be within the set budget.

Top architects are featured on the show, detailing how to upscale your projects as a novice homeowner.

You will also learn how to give your home a personalized touch without emptying your account.

4. Brand New House On a Budget

Cast: Linda Barker

Brand New House On a Budget

One of the most incredible home improvement shows on Amazon Prime, Brand New House On a Budget, focuses on designing remarkable homes for families with minimal budgets.

An expert interior designer, Linda Barker, is challenged to do a home makeover. All this, she has to use the tiniest budget possible.

She uses smart styling tricks, upcycling, and a lot of bargaining.

Ultimately, she can transform dull houses into stunningly beautiful homes for families. They cannot hide their joy when they first seether the new home they have been dreaming about.

5. Grand Designs

Cast: Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs is a show on Amazon Prime

This is one of the must-watch interior design shows on Amazon Prime. The show features Britain’s most creative architects and building processes.

It showcases the architect’s journey from the blueprint to how they manage the builders and the clients to create their dream properties.

The series crosses the nation, selecting some of the best and most creative residential homes.

It then highlights the headaches, drama, and hard work involved in designing and building.

Budgeting is an essential part of any building, and it’s therefore highlighted in each episode. The viewers can, therefore, know how much it would cost them to build and what they can achieve.

6. Changing Rooms

Cast: Carol Smillie, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Anna Richardson, Andy Kane, Linda Barker, Anna Ryder Richardson, Gordon Whistance

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Changing Rooms is a home improvement TV show

In this exciting Amazon Prime show, two different couples are challenged to renovate a room in the other person’s home.

They have only two days, 500 pounds, a handyman and a professional designer. Friends, relatives, and neighbors are chosen to assist with the process. But the families are not allowed to return to their homes until the two-days makeover timeline.

During the process, anything and everything goes, from constructing wall units to removing fireplaces or even decorating walls with brilliant colors. Whatever they choose to do—all hoping to impress the room owners.

7. Design Doctors

Cast: Denise O’Connor, Catherine Crowe

Watch Design Doctors on Amazon Prime

The series centers around two Irish amateur designers, Denise O’Connor and Catherine Crowe.

Each episode’s mission is to help common homeowners with their creative design challenges. But, of course, in all these, they have to stay within the set budget.

Their projects range from luxurious hotels to modern homes to high-end properties.

This design duo will show you how you can fall in love with your home without draining your pocket, no matter the size of your home. It is one of the best real estate shows on Amazon Prime.

8. Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Cast: Monty Don

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Big Dreams, Small Spaces, is rated as one of the best and most educative homes and garden shows on Amazon Prime.

Monty Don, a horticulturist, works with fans across Britain to assist them in creating their dream garden. Don will give the gardeners counsel, but not before he has listened to their outlined plans.

He then rolls up his sleeves and participates in the actual gardening with the owner. Don has to balance between the different gardener’s wants, as some are but pipe-dreams.

At the same time, Don is faced with tough challenges in his quest to transform enthusiasts’ gardens. They include constraining budget, bad weather, and not forgetting people who don’t follow his advice.

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9. Martha Knows Best

Cast: Martha Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lauren Conrad, Lorraine Bracco, Coco Austin Martha gives fans a snapshot of the behind-the-scenes view of her farm in New York in this exciting series.

Martha Knows Best home improvement show on Amazon Prime Video

Martha gives fans a snapshot of a behind-the-scenes view of her farm in New York in this exciting series.

In each episode, she will feature tips or tricks that have worked, from planting to harvesting.

This ranges from vegetable garden planting with trees to creating a stone path or how to groom her pets; name it, Martha will show you.

Sometimes, she surprises her fans and advises them on how to ace their DIY home projects. She even goes ahead to assist her fabulous celebrity friends with their own.

If you love farm life or own one, this is the show to watch and get some insights on maximizing every bit of your garden.

10. The Restoration Man

Cast: George Clarke

The Restoration Man is available on Amazon Prime

The series, shot in Britain, showcases George Clarke as a restoration man. He is passionate about buildings portraying architectural heritage and design.

His mission is not just to restore the houses but also to bring life to them. He will work with experts to renovate dilapidated houses and convert them into stunning dream buildings.

George Clarke travels across Britain to locate those historic buildings, gatehouses, churches, windmills, towers, and even granary mills.

He then seeks ways to redesign them and restore their past glory reflected in the 21st century.

You will enjoy every bit of this show as you watch the master designer transform the once wreck structures into beautiful structures. It is one of the best home improvement shows on Amazon Prime, for a good reason.

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