How to fix Amazon error code 6085 on Prime Video

Amazon Prime is home to one of the biggest entertainment libraries in the streaming space. Unfortunately, Prime video error 6085 is one of the prevalent glitches, regardless of what you are streaming.

If the error code pops up on your device, you cannot watch as the platform cannot process your request. However, like other Amazon Prime Video errors, the hitch is solvable.

During our research, we couldn’t tell exactly what causes error 6085 on Amazon. However, we found out that you can fix it by restarting your device.

Also, ensuring that the internet connection is stable helps to regain normalcy. If you are using proxy servers or a VPN on your device, disabling it for some minutes before reconnecting can also solve the issue.

But these aren’t the only solutions to the Amazon Prime error 6085. If you have tried the above steps without success or if you need a deeper explanation, then read on.

Restart your streaming device

Whether you are using a PC, TV, or console, restarting the streaming device solves error code 6085 on Amazon Prime. The process clears the device’s RAM and therefore re-initializing it.

Each streaming device has a unique way of restarting. However, it is essential to note that restarting a device is not the same as switching it off. Switching your device off may not clear the device’s RAM and cannot solve the problem.

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Check your internet connection

Like other streaming services, Amazon Prime works best on a stable internet connection. It automatically changes the video resolution in case of a weaker connection. However, unstable internet may cause streaming glitches.

Keeping your internet connection stable is one of the best ways to solve this problem. There are different ways to check the connection status. The first thing is to ensure that the internet cables connected to your device are firm and well-fixed.

Also, ensure that the internet router is working perfectly. Confirm if your router is outdated. If not, contact your ISP for more guidance. If the connection is stable and you cannot watch a particular video, disable any IP masking service.

Disable VPN and proxy servers

If you use proxy servers or VPN to bypass Amazon Prime’s geo-restrictions, the error code 6085 may result from IP leaking.

Therefore, you should disable any form of IP masking before reconnecting it to your account. Besides solving the IP leaking challenge, the process also clears all the cache.

Disabling VPN and proxy servers may expose your Amazon Prime account to more system glitches. Therefore, once you have disabled any form of IP masking, you should wait for at least five minutes before reconnecting.

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Unpair and then re-pair Alexa

While Alexa creates a smart connection between different devices in a Smart Home, the virtual assistant may cause glitches such as error code 6085. Depending on your device, unpair and then re-pair Alexa to solve this glitch.

Although Amazon error code 6085 on Prime Video is common and sometimes recurrent, it should not be a reason to panic.

You can solve the glitch by applying any of the above solutions. However, the bug will resolve itself in some cases, especially if the issue is on Amazon Prime’s end.

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