Fix Roku error code 009: can’t connect to the internet

Roku TVs and streaming players need access to the internet to stream any content. These devices use wired or wireless connections to connect to a home network and enable you to watch your favorite programs.

While streaming, you have probably encountered Roku error code 009. So, why does this error occur and how can you fix it?

Error code 009 on Roku stick means that your device isn’t connected to the internet. When your Roku device requests access to the internet through your Ethernet connection or wireless internet, it doesn’t get a response, and it flashes the error.

As a result, you will not be able to stream anything. If you happen to do so, you will experience frequent interruptions. Also, you will not be able to launch any channel that needs an internet connection.

Why you are getting Roku error code 009

Several factors can explain why you are facing the issue. They include:

  • Your device does not recognize the wireless signal
  • A problem with your wireless router
  • You are not connected to the internet

The error can also occur if your ISP is experiencing a system-wide problem, making it impossible for all users to access the internet.

Luckily, you can resolve the problem in various ways:

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1. Check your internet connection

You can check your internet connection by following the steps below:

  • Turn on your Roku device
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Check Connection

Roku will perform a diagnostic to determine whether you have a connection to a home network. It will also test the general quality of the wireless signal it is receiving.

If you have an internet connection, but the speed is low, the device will give you instructions on how to fix it.

Note that if you have not connected your streaming player to a network, the Check Connection settings will not display. Instead, you will have to set up a new connection.

2. Restart Roku

If you have a connection to the internet, but you are still getting error code 009 on Roku, consider restarting the device. To restart Roku:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select System
  • Select System Restart

Give the device a few minutes to turn off and on. Select the channel and see whether it works.

3. Restart your router

Your router may have lost a connection to your ISP. By restarting, it will help to establish a new connection. You can either switch it off and then on or unplug it from the power source and then plug it back in.

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It is also helpful to check the instructions provided by the vendor on how to restart the device.

If this doesn’t work and other devices, like your smartphone, don’t connect to the internet either, call your Internet Service Provider. If this doesn’t work, your router may have exceeded its lifespan.

4. Improve wireless signal strength

Your Roku streaming player can fail to connect to a wireless network if the signal strength from your router is weak.

With wireless signals, the farther you are from the router, the weaker the signal strength becomes.

Also, obstacles between your player and router can cause poor signal strengths. The best fix, in this case, is to ensure you place your Roku near the router.

If this isn’t possible, consider a router with a long range.

5. Contact your ISP

If Roku is not connecting to the internet and your router settings are correct, there may be a problem with your ISP. Contact them to determine whether there is a system-wide issue.

If your ISP is facing some challenges, you will have to wait until they fix it.


Whenever you encounter error code 009 on Roku, it means your device cannot access the internet. The easiest Roku error code 009 fix is to restart both your router and your streaming player.

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Also, perform diagnostics to determine whether you have a home network connection. But if the problem is from your ISP, wait until they resolve it.

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