How to reset network settings on Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TVs are a great choice for streaming. While Samsung is synonymous with quality and reliability, you may experience connection issues. And in a smart TV, if you can’t connect to the internet, then you are missing out on so much.

You can reset network settings on Samsung TV by resetting the Smart Hub. Launch Smart Hub and go to Tools > Settings > Reset.

The TV will prompt you for a password. If you didn’t create one, enter the Samsung default password, which is 0000.

You can also do a factory reset if you want to reset your network settings. The process wipes all current settings on your TV set, leaving it with the settings it came with right out of the box.

The main advantage of resetting your Smart TV is it allows you to start the configuration process afresh.

While factory resetting your Smart TV is a great solution to network issues on Samsung TV sets, you should try other options that don’t involve changing all settings.

These will solve the network problem without losing all the configuration settings.

Other solutions to network issues on Samsung TV

If you don’t wish to reset your TV, try out these steps to fix network issues on your Smart TV.

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1. Restart your Samsung TV

The most likely reason why Samsung TV is not visible on the network is the existent of a common bug. Fortunately, the bug is solvable by restarting your set.

To restart the Smart TV:

  • Switch it on (if it is off)
  • Wait for five minutes.
  • Go to the power plug and switch the power off directly.
  • Restart the set after 15 minutes
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password

The process above solves the bug effectively. However, if the Samsung Smart TV not finding a wireless network after restarting, the router may be the problem.

2. Restart your internet router

In some cases, resetting network settings on Samsung TV is a zero-sum game if the internet connection is unstable. To restart your Internet router:

  • Switch your Internet router off
  • After ten minutes, please switch it on.
  • The router will load the settings automatically.
  • Try to connect with your Samsung TV again.

If the wireless network is visible, connect, and resume watching. However, if the problem continues, change your Internet connection.

3. Change the network connection

Even after resetting the router, you may not connect your Samsung TV with your home Wi-Fi. Sometimes, an internet router may block your Smart TV Mac Address.

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However, before changing the network connection, you need to do a quick test using your phone to ascertain whether the router has locked your Samsung Mac Address or not.

To evaluate whether the router has blocked your set’s Mac Address:

  • Create a hotspot with your phone
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Samsung TV
  • If the phone’s hotspot appears on the connection list, try connecting it.

If the phone successfully connects with your Samsung’s TV, the router has blocked your TV’s Mac Address.

In such a case, you need to call your internet provider to unblock your TV from connecting with your router.

However, if the phone connection did not connect with your Samsung TV, there is a high possibility that your set is running old firmware.

4. Update the TV’s firmware

If Samsung TV not detecting any wireless network after changing the connection, you need to update the firmware.

Like other companies, Samsung releases firmware updates regularly. If the TV has a pending firmware update, you are more likely to get bugs such as network glitches.

To download the Samsung TV firmware:

  • Go to the Samsung Download Center on your computer.
  • Search your TV’s Model Number
  • Locate your model’s firmware file on the support page
  • Download it
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The downloaded firmware file will be in the form of a zipped file. After unzipping it, copy it into a USB flash drive.

To install the new updates on your Samsung Smart TV:

  • Connect the USB drive to your set
  • Go to TV’S settings
  • Click “Software Update.”
  • Select the “Update Now” option

The TV will automatically search firmware update files on your USB drive files. Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Once the process is complete, the Smart TV will automatically restart.

After you have completed upgrading the TV’s firmware, you can get a better viewing experience, including connecting to the network easily.

The above options explain how to reset network settings on Samsung TV with or without a remote. However, if you exhaust the four options without a solution, contact a certified Samsung technician for further diagnosis.


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