NBC app not working? Troubleshooting tips

The advantage of using the NBC app is that you can stream the latest episodes and classic NBC TV shows. You can also live stream local and national news and watch series from networks like SYFY, Bravo, and USA.

Although the application offers a smooth streaming experience, sometimes that does not happen. Some users encounter problems where they are unable to watch NBC live and other videos because the app stops working.

When the NBC app is not working on Fire Stick, Android, iOS, Smart TV, or any streaming device, you need to understand the problem’s primary cause to fix it. The application can stop working because of various reasons.

Why NBC app is not working on your device

Issues that may cause the app to stop working include:

  • You are accessing NBC from an unknown location
  • You are trying to access locked or live content without a subscription
  • You are using an internet-only plan to stream

The above and many more reasons could explain why you are getting an error when trying to watch NBC TV shows and live sports.

You can fix the problem by identifying what is causing it or by doing the following basic troubleshooting steps.

1. Activate your device and link your TV provider

The first thing you can do before using the NBC application is to activate your device or link your TV provider account.

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But if the NBC app is not working on Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku because you are unable to use the nbc.com/activate link, here is what you should do.

  • Reload the activation page again
  • If you do not have an activation code, delete and reinstall the app on your device
  • If the activation code is not working, clear app data and cache

You can also use a different browser or try incognito mode to resolve the issue.

Note that you will have to do the same for mobile devices. Also, most problems that cause NBC live stream not to work can be solved by re-linking your TV provider every month.

You can do that by going to settings, unlinking your current TV provider, restarting the application, and linking your TV provider again.

2. Update your app

The NBC app comes pre-installed on specific platforms. To update it, you will have to select the application from your device app store.

For Android, visit the Google Play Store, find NBC, and tap on update.

If it is not working on Apple TV, visit the App Store, search and select the NBC app icon, and click on Get to download the application.

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Generally, you will have to visit each app store, channel store, or smart hub to update the NBC app and try again.

3. How to fix the NBC app when it’s not working on Roku

If an error has occurred while streaming on Roku, try to restart the player to clear data or cache.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Systems
  • Choose System Restart
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Plug it back

Open the app and try again.


Whenever a video error has occurred while streaming on the NBC app, consider restarting the player and try again.

If it does not work on your Fire Stick or Smart TV, reactivate the device and link it to your TV provider. You can also solve many issues with the application by updating it.


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