10 best gardening shows on Amazon Prime in 2024

Gardening and Landscaping documentaries are becoming a new craze on most streaming platforms.

Everyone who loves gardening, whether new to it or has been doing it for years, loves a good gardening show.

Furthermore, even people who can’t garden enjoy watching the experts prune and plow. It won’t be wrong to say that we could all use some gardening motivation and landscape transformations.

Amazon Prime does not disappoint when it comes to gardening shows! The streaming service has many TV shows about landscaping and gardening – some you may not even know about.

Below are the top ten gardening shows on Amazon Prime that you need to check out;

1. Big Dreams, Small Spaces

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Top cast: Monty Don 
Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Big Dreams, Small Spaces, is hosted by Monty Don, a big-shot horticulturist in Native Britain.

The gardening reality TV show is about Monty helping gardeners transform their shoddy outdoor spaces into green, fertile paradises. Although, it is not as dull and plain as it sounds.

Watching Monty Don work with gardeners to create the sweetest gem of a garden is worth watching. Every makeover project involves the gardener’s big dreams and their limitation of space, money, and resources.

The host finds a way to judge the gardens while motivating amateur gardeners to aim for mind-blowing designs. Monty and the gardeners display earnest and unrelenting spirits.

2. The Instant Gardener

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Top cast: Helen Skelton, Danny Clarke, Euan A.J. Rose, Louise Hampden
The Instant Gardener

Helen Skelton (presenter) and Danny Clarke (garden/yard designer) make The Instant Gardener one of the top gardening documentaries on Amazon Prime.

The duo and their team do their best to turn crummy spaces in South London into striking cottage gardens – all in a day!

Every episode shows Danny, the designer pouring his love, skill, and creativity into transforming these unloved gardens.

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So many people have benefited from this show – seniors, children, and residents whose gardens were affected by natural disasters.

Danny Clarke has beautiful renovating designs you can mimic if you are looking for inspiration.

3. Backyard Envy

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Top cast: Garrett Magee, Melissa Brasier, James DeSantis, Mel Brasier
Backyard Envy

In this show, the principal cast from Backyard Envy designs yards, gardens, terraces, and rooftops for their firm, Manscapers.

This team of best friends, business partners, and designers renovates their client’s outdoor space from bland to extraordinary within tight deadlines.

Watching the team juggle between resources, time, and clients makes every episode very tantalizing! The top cast keeps enlarging their clientele and aiming for higher episode after episode.

Will they manage the ongoing projects they have taken on for their boutique landscaping firm? Watch Backyard Envy for more details – you will be surprised!

5. The Gardener

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Top cast: Anne Cabot, Francis Cabot, Adrienne Clarkson
The Gardener

Directed by Sebastien Chabot, this documentary about Cabot Gardens (Les Quatre Vents) focuses magnificence of the private garden. This garden has grown over three generations and 75 years.

The documentary shows how Frank Cabot made the enchanted and beautiful garden a 21st-century masterpiece.

Les Quatre Vents inspires gardeners to turn their outdoor space into a unique haven of their own.

The details about the sweat and blood in this English-style garden make The Gardener one of the best international gardening documentaries.

5. Backyard Takeover

  • Genre: Special Interest Reality TV
  • Top cast: Jamie Durie
Backyard Takeover

Famous landscaping expert Jamie Durie helps families transform their plain, neglected, and overgrown backyards into splendid spaces.

In every episode, Jamie takes on two outdoor-space projects and renovates them into showstopping areas – each dependent on the homeowner’s needs.

Backyard Takeover is one of the best landscaping TV shows because it has tons of inspiration.

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As you watch the skills and artistry needed to bring imaginative transformations come to life, you will get inspired for your DIY project.

In addition, the show generally gives you endless ideas on how to design your backyard.

6. Gardener’s World

Top cast: Monty Don, Frances Tophill, Adam Frost, Arit Anderson, Nick Bailey, Joe Swift (among other regular presenters)

Gardener's World

World’ started airing in the late 1960s, making it one of the oldest gardening shows on Amazon Prime. The long-running show is full of expert advice about gardening and yard landscaping.

If you are an amateur gardener, this is the show for you. Not only will you get designing and gardening tips, but you will also learn to have bigger dreams for your garden.

Gardener’s World will keep you motivated through your gardening escapades.

7. Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Top cast: Lynden B. Miller, Beatrix Farrand
Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes

This documentary film was directed by Stephen Ives and produced by Insignia Films. Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes stars Lynden B. Miller, an award-winning garden designer, and Beatrix Farrand.

Lynden sets out to explore and showcase Beatrix’s journey to being the first female landscape architect – as well as her life after her outstanding career. In addition, Lynden Miller displays the remarkable public Farrand gardens.

She also engages in lively conversations with expert designers, horticulturists, and other women who have changed the gardening and landscaping fields for 21st-century females.

8. The Victory Garden

  • Genre: Gardening Reality TV
  • Top cast: James Underwood Crockett, Bob Thompson, Roger Swain, Michael Weishan, Jamie Durie
The Victory Garden

The Victory Garden – formerly Crockett’s Victory Garden aired in 1975.

The show started with former host James Crockett demonstrating how to care for fruits and vegetables, horticulture tips, and greenhouse hacks for the best gardening results.

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Afterward, the show broadened its scope, and instead of just gardening, it involved landscaping too. There have been many guests and travel on The Victory Garden.

All 36 seasons are an enticing journey of gardening and landscaping hacks for viewers.

9. Ground Force

  • Genre: Reality TV Makeover
  • Top cast: Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh, Charlie Dimmock
Ground Force

Ground Force is a British TV series about garden makeovers by a team of landscapers, gardeners, and designers.

The group combines every member’s skills and effort to renovate a lucky family’s garden and surprise the homeowners in two days.

Some segments – Ground Force Revisited – were short after the series. The hosts and team revisit formerly transformed gardens to see how the homeowners maintain them.

You will be in for a lot of laughter, tension, and motivation if you love gardens.

10. Martha Knows Best

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Top cast: Martha Stewart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Drew Barrymore, Coco Austin, Ryan McCallister, Lauren Conrad, Lorraine Bracco
Martha Knows Best

Martha Stewart gives us juicy, detailed, behind-the-scenes on what happens on her farm in Bedford, NY. The award-winning host/entrepreneur is a jack of all trades – from horticulture to fruits and vegetables, building paths, and pet grooming.

The show also stars Martha’s sidekick and banter partner, who the viewers love! The horticulturist/gardener’s interaction with Martha sells the show.

Fans love their funny teases combined with fantastic skill. But, of course, all this happens on Martha’s farm.

There you go! These are the best gardening documentaries and TV shows about landscaping – and all are on Amazon Prime. It is about time you put them on your watchlist if you haven’t already! Enjoy!

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