How to program your DirecTV remote to a TV

DirecTV is one of the few satellite services with hundreds of television and audio content. In order to access its ever-growing content library, you need a receiver and a programmed DirecTV remote.

Programming the controller gives you unlimited access to the service’s vast library and, more importantly, an easier time controlling devices.

So, how do you program your DirecTV remote to a TV? You can program a DirecTV remote in three ways.

First, you can set it automatically. The process is simple and convenient for all types of users. Also, you can set it using on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can use codes to sync it with other devices.

Can you program DirecTV remote to the TV without a receiver? No. A receiver is one of the key essentials when programing a remote.

If you do not have an in-built receiver on your TV, you can get DirecTV’s Genie Mini. The new receiver is portable and wireless.

These are the main ways to program your DirecTV remote to a TV:

Programming DirecTV genie remote automatically

Programming the remote (automatically) is the simplest and fastest way to sync your new genie remote with your TV.

Unlike the other steps, you do not need special codes since the remote is not generic.

To program the remote automatically:

  • Switch your TV and receiver on
  • Press the ‘Mute’ and ‘Enter’ buttons together
  • Wait until the indicator light blinks green twice then release the buttons
  • An “Applying IR/RF Setup” popup should show up.
  • To continue, press the ‘Menu” key on your remote
  • Scroll down to the “Remote Control” option
  • Click “program Remote.”
  • Follow the next on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Apart from programming a new remote, the process is applicable when reprograming a remote with glitches.

Program a remote on a DirecTV-Ready receiver

Setting up a remote controller on a DirecTV-Ready is different because it involves codes.

However, if you have remote codes for DirecTV, which are available on their main website, the process can take less than ten minutes.

To program your remote control using this method:

  • Switch the TV on
  • Press the ‘Mute and ‘Select’ buttons on your controller until the light indicator blinks green twice
  • If you see “Applying IR/RF Setup,” wait for a few seconds for it to complete setting up.
  • Hold the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons until you see the light indicator blinking twice.
  • You will be prompted to enter the TV and remote code.
  • Complete the process by following on-screen instructions.

 Manual programming

While programming the DirecTV remote (manually) is intricate, it is sometimes the only way to sync it with your TV. The process works best for older DirecTV controllers and universal remotes.

Programming a remote using this process has two steps. To set up the remote:

  • Switch on your TV and receiver
  • Press the ‘Mute and ‘Select’ buttons on your controller
  • When the light indicator blinks green twice, release the buttons
  • Using the controller’s keypad, type 9-6-1
  • Continue by pressing the “Channel Up” key and then “Enter.”
  • Once you receive a popup message confirming your remote has been set up successfully, click ‘OK.’

Once the remote is set up, you can now program it. To program your controller remotely:

  • On your controller, press the ‘Menu’ button and scroll through the “Settings & Help” menu.
  • Select “Remote-control” option
  • Click “Program Remote”
  • Select your TV brand (if it is not listed, check the instructions in the next subsection)
  • Complete the process by following on-screen instructions.

How do you program a DirecTV remote to a TV that is not listed?

In some cases, your TV may not be listed on the DirecTV list on supported screens.

While the main reason why your screen is unlisted is that it falls under the “off-brand” category, you can still program it.

Try checking your TV’s brand website for the codes. In most off-brand TV’s the manufacturer may list codes on their website.

If they are available, use the programming guidelines outlined above.


Whether you are using the universal remote or DirecTV genie remote, any three guidelines will work.

The golden rule is to ensure that the TV is connected to a receiver. Both in-built and Genie Mini-receiver (by DirecTV) work fine with all controllers.


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