Why YouTube TV is not working on Fire TV & how to fix

When you download the YouTube TV app on your Fire Stick device, you expect the application to work without errors. But that does not happen often.

Sometimes you may encounter an issue where YouTube is not working on Fire TV. For example, the app is not loading, crashes, or freezes from time to time.

In other cases, you find that your streaming device seems to be selecting content for you or takes you to the next cued video for viewing.

YouTube TV will not work on Fire Stick if the app is out-of-date. Another reason could be that your internet connection is not stable enough to stream HD or 4K content. A problem can also occur when the app has lots of cached data that requires you to clear.

Luckily, you can fix many issues with YouTube not playing on Fire TV and continue to watch your favorite videos.

Is YouTube TV compatible with Amazon Fire TV?

YouTube TV is compatible with Amazon Fire TV. Amazon added all YouTube services on its platform in mid-2019. That means You can watch your favorite YouTube Videos, YouTube Kids, and YouTube TV on a Fire TV, Amazon Fire Cube, and 4K Fire TV.

You can download the YouTube TV app to enjoy cable-free live TV and stream over 85 top broadcast and cable networks. The Fire TV devices supported by YouTube TV include:

  • Fire TV (2nd Gen)
  • Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)
  • Fire TV (3rd Gen – pendant design)
  • Fire TV Cube (1st Gen)
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It is also compatible with all-new Fire TV Cube devices.

How to fix “YouTube TV not working” on Fire Stick

You can fix YouTube on Fire TV using the following methods:

1. Clear the app cache and data

A corrupted application cache can cause YouTube TV to stop working. Here is how you can clear app cache on your Fire TV device:

  • Go to Settings on your Fire TV.
  • Select Applications.
  • In Manage Installed Applications, scroll to locate the YouTube TV app.
  • Select the app.
  • Tap on Clear Cache, and then Clear Data.

After clearing the app cache and data, try opening YouTube TV again. You may have to log in to continue watching content.

2. Restart your Fire TV device

Restarting your Fire TV device allows you to refresh YouTube and start anew. It can fix many issues with the streaming device, network, and YouTube application. Follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the power cord or adapter for three seconds.
  • Plug back in the cable.
  • Open YouTube TV and try again.

You can also restart your device from the menu:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV.
  • Select Restart.

After your device restarts, open YouTube TV and see whether you have fixed the issue.

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3. Uninstall and reinstall the app

When you uninstall YouTube TV from your Fire Stick, you will delete all app data and cached files. It will also allow you to remove the application if it is out-of-date. Here is how:

  • Go to Settings on your Fire TV device.
  • Select Applications.
  • Navigate to Manage Installed Applications.
  • Select YouTube TV.
  • Select Uninstall.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation.

After uninstalling the app, you will have to install it again. This allows you to get a new version that has all bug fixes and updates.

  • Search YouTube TV from the Fire TV menu.
  • Click on it then select Get.
  • The app will start to download.

At this point, wait for the installation to end. Once done, log in to your YouTube TV account and try opening a video.

4. Update your Fire Stick

An out-of-date firmware on Firestick may not be compatible with a new version of YouTube TV. This can cause several problems including app crashes. To update Fire TV:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV.
  • Go to About.
  • Select Check For Updates.

Follow the on-screen prompts to get the latest updates. After updating, ensure you update your YouTube TV too, and try streaming.

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If YouTube TV won’t work on Firestick, try out the fixes mentioned here. Start by restarting your device to refresh the system and the app.

Another option is to clear app data and cache to remove any corrupted files. Alternatively, consider updating the YouTube TV app and Fire Stick TV firmware.

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