How to Watch Recorded Shows on DirecTV

Over the years, DirecTV has been developing its line of DVRs to make them appealing to consumers. If you are using the service, you know that it has many features that make entertainment convenient.

One of the best features available is the ability to watch recorded DirecTV shows on your computer and play them anywhere, even without using data. You can also view on-demand shows and live TV either on the go or in your home.

With DirecTV, you can choose from over 50,000 shows and movies as well as hundreds of TV channels and watch them on the go.

Steps to watch recorded DirecTV shows online

If you want to watch recorded DirecTV shows online, here is how to get started.

1. Setup on your mobile phone

To view or stream shows from your mobile device:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network and ensure the show or movie has finished recording
  • Open your DirecTV App and hit Watch Your DVR
  • Select On DVR and choose any recorded movies from the DVR playlist
  • Start downloading the video by selecting the down arrow
  • Go to My Downloads and play the shows

You also have the option of downloading an entire series instead of doing it one by one.

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Since you will have downloaded the videos via a Wi-Fi network, you can play them offline by following the steps below.

  • Open the app and go to Menu
  • Hit on Browse for TV and ensure your receiver is on the menu list
  • If not, connect the receiver to an HD receiver or home internet
  • Select your device type
  • Select Watch Your DVR or Watch Live TV

You will then have to select a program you want to watch or start watching TV on your mobile phone.

2. Watch DirecTV DVR on your computer

DirecTV DVR allows you to record videos and view them later on your computer. You can play the DVR recordings from a computer via a function called DirecTV2PC. Here is how to watch DirecTV DVR on PC:

  • Connect your DirecTV DVR to an Ethernet cable
  • Enable Internet connection by pressing Menu from the remote
  • Select Parental, Fav’s & Setup
  • Choose System Setup > Network Setup > Connect Now
  • Hit Continue and then Done

After hitting Done, DirecTV will update the system automatically. You will now be able to watch DVR content on your computer.

3. Using DirecTV2PC

If you want to access the DirecTV set-top box on your computer, you need the DirecTV2PC application. Here is how to get and use it.

  • Visit the DirecTV website
  • Under What is DirecTV, click on Superior Technology
  • Locate Beyond TV by scrolling down the webpage
  • You will find DirecTV2PC
  • Click on Download under Setup is a Breeze section
  • Click Download Now to start downloading the playback application
  • Ensure all indicators are green and then give your personal information
  • Click submit to start downloading and installing DirecTV2PC
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You will need a product activation key to complete the installation. It is available in the email you provided during download. After entering the key, you will now access DirecTV DVR on your PC and watch your recordings from there.

In some cases, a problem occurs where you can’t watch recorded shows on DirecTV. You can fix it by to resetting your DVR or receiver. Use the red button located behind the front panel access card. That assumes you have the H25 receiver.

Ready to watch recorded shows?

It is now possible to access and watch DirecTV DVR online. You can also record shows or movies and access them offline from any location. If you encounter a problem during setup, contact the support team for troubleshooting.

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