How to remove AMC Plus movies from ‘continue watching’

The ‘continue watching’ list on AMC Plus is a list of shows and movies you started watching but never finished, all conveniently stored on a list so you can come back and finish them when you please.

I will show you several methods to remove these movies from the ‘continue watching’ list and how to delete your watch history.

Some methods are the same across the board, while others vary depending on your streaming device. We will cover every one of them, so you are all covered, regardless of the device you are using.

3 ways to remove a show or movie from the ‘continue watching’ list on AMC Plus?

You can use any of these methods to remove movies or shows from AMC’s watch history, depending on the device you are using:

1. Removing movies on AMC Plus by fast forwarding

One of the most simple ways you can remove a movie from ‘continue watching’ on AMC Plus on any device is to simply fast-forward it to the end.

Once you finish a show or movie, it is automatically removed from the list, so if you fast-forward to the end, it will be removed. Of course, this is only applicable to movies.

To fast forward to the end:

  • Press the down arrow on your TV remote, and the progress bar will pop up.
  • Press the right arrow, and hold it until you get to the movie’s end.
  • Click on Enter.

Suppose you are using the web player on your computer, double-click on the progress point and drag it to the movie’s end.

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The same applies when using the AMC Plus web player on mobile. Again, drag to the end using your finger.

2. Delete a show/movie from your watch history

AMC Plus
Image by: AMC

If you want to remove a show from the ‘continue watching’ queue on the AMC Plus TV app:

  • Start the AMC+ application, head to your ‘Continue watching‘ list
  • Navigate to the show or movie you are trying to remove.
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select Remove from the list in the drop-down list that appears.

By doing this, you will erase your media from your history, and you will have to start from the beginning if you watch it again.

If you are using your web browser:

  • Go to AMC+ from your web browser
  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to your ‘continue watching’ list.
  • Find the show or movie you want to delete
  • Click on Remove from list from the drop-down menu.

On mobile devices, if you already have the app, you can remove a show from your queue by opening the ‘continue watching’ list after logging in to your AMC Plus account.

Click and hold the show or movie you want to remove, and when the drop-down menu appears, click on ‘Remove from list.’

3. Jumping to the last episode of a show

This method applies if you want to remove a TV show from your ‘continue watching’ list. When you watch the last episode of a series, like a movie, it is marked as finished and removed from your ‘continue watching’ list.

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To do this on TV:

  • Select the show you want to get rid of.
  • Navigate to the section labelled ‘more info’. Here you will find the episodes of the show.
  • Scroll to the final episode of the final season and click on it to start viewing it.
  • Fast-forward to the end. The show will end and automatically lead you back to the home page.
AMC Plus
Walking dead is one of the biggest TV shows on AMC

On your mobile devices, click on the show, go to its ‘more info’ section, and open the episodes. Click on the last episode to start playing it, and then drag the progress point to the end of the episode.

On your web browser, click on the show, and scroll down to the section with information about the show. Next, click on the seasons and episodes, and then click on the final episode to play it.

Finally, drag the progress point to the end; once it is done, you will be redirected to the home page. The show should now have been removed from your ‘continue watching’ list.

Delete your entire watch history

If you can’t figure out how to remove a single show from your ‘continue watching’ queue, your next best bet might be to delete your ‘continue watching’ list on AMC Plus entirely.

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This will eliminate everything you are still watching, so you should probably avoid it altogether.

If you don’t have any other choice, you can note down the movies and shows you were watching and take note of the progress, so you can catch up with them later as you intended.

When using AMC Plus, unlike other streaming platforms, you use the website together with the app instead of just using the web browser or app.

Because of this, you can make changes to your account through the browser, and they will apply to all the devices you have the app on.

Cleared your viewing history?

To delete your AMC Plus watch history, open AMC+ on your web browser and sign in to your account.

Next, click on your user profile and scroll to your user viewing history. Everything you have been watching will appear, and you can remove them from your history here.

Alternatively, you can create separate user profiles for your account if none works for you. Then, everybody using the account has their separate lists, and you don’t have to struggle to delete your history.

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