Plex error: Not enough bandwidth for playback – How to fix

Most Plex users encounter the error message Playback was not possible. Not enough bandwidth for playback when streaming videos. The error occurs on most devices including Xbox One, iOS and Windows apps.

For some, the error could mean they are sharing their streams with remote users or they are streaming videos that exceed their upload and download speed.

Users who do not have an upload limit on their LAN network can experience the problem too.

When the Plex not enough bandwidth error occurs, it becomes impossible to load movies on the Plex app. Limited bandwidth also means that you cannot access video content of 720p or higher even on a 100mbps internet speed.

Streaming content online is always fun. But this can stop if you regularly encounter bandwidth error. Although the problem may be familiar, there are several solutions for fixing it.

Fix: Not enough bandwidth for Playback on Plex

  1. Restart the playback
  2. Restart the server
  3. Replace the media file
  4. Restart your router
  5. Remove the internet bandwidth limit

Here’s a detailed look into each of these solutions:

Plex bandwidth not enough error

Solution #1: Restart the playback

A simple solution for fixing the not enough bandwidth on Plex error is to restart the playback. Restarting helps to clear off junk files and unused memory and starts the playback from scratch.

After the restart, the Plex player will have better performance and solve issues like RAM leakage and code smell.

Furthermore, it will help to fix the driver issue. You should check to determine whether updated drivers are available for graphics hardware.

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Solution #2: Restart the server

Whether you are using the actual machines that host the Plex Media Server or not, you need to restart the server to fix the Plex playback error. Security issues can occur if you have not installed updates on the server.

Also, Plex developers release fixes from time to time. If you do not apply these fixes to the server, you will experience several errors when streaming content.

For example, your access to the server will be slow. In most cases, this problem is caused by incorrect DNS (Domain Name Server) settings.

You can solve it by doing a simple restart of your server. Restarting can also protect your server from downtime and outages.

Restart plex media server

Solution #3: Replace the media file

In some cases, the files you imported from other sources may have technical problems that are causing the error.

You may also be using a temporary file as a placeholder so that you can receive the original files you intended to view or use.

The files could be for Plex channels or video games you imported on your device. Or, you have a 720p video ripped from a TV, and you want to view a 1080p video from Blu-ray rip.

You can fix this problem by replacing the media files you imported earlier. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Add your new file and name it based on Plex guidelines. Naming a file properly ensures it matches with content on your Plex library.
  • Scan your library files to ensure Plex notices the new file.
  • Check to confirm that the new file is added with a “2” on the poster.
  • Delete the previous media file.
  • Scan your library files again to affect the changes.
  • Empty your library trash.
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Note that if you keep the two files in one place, Plex will not know which one to play. As such, you must delete the old file and scan your library again to make the changes.

Solution #4: Restart your router

When your internet connection is slow while streaming videos, the error message not enough bandwidth for playback will appear. The easiest solution to fix this problem is to restart the router.

Restarting helps to refresh the device. A router is a tiny computer with limited memory and processing power. If you are streaming high-quality videos, you are asking it to work harder.

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If you stream throughout the day, the router can hang up or slow down. When this happens, restart it to reset stalled functions and clear its memory.

You are also likely to encounter this problem if you are sharing your streams with other clients. Or, you have connected several devices to the router and are requesting IP addresses.

To restore connections and fix the bandwidth problem, restart your modem. Also, consider reducing the number of devices connected to the router.

Solution #5: Remove the internet bandwidth limit

People put bandwidth limits so that they can reduce the risks of network crowding and Plex Media Server crashes. Although limiting internet bandwidth has its advantages, it has its disadvantages too.

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For example, it slows down your access when uploading or streaming large files. A limit to your bandwidth can explain why the not enough bandwidth for playback error is occurring when you play an online video.

You can correct this error by removing the internet bandwidth limit. The steps below will help you fix the problem.

  • Go to the Plex web interface settings
  • Click on Server
  • Choose Remote Access
  • Under Internet Upload Speed, remove the value indicated.

After removing the value, try to stream your videos again to determine whether changes have taken place.

Note that your Internet Service Provider can also put a limit on your internet bandwidth. ISPs do this to reduce traffic and congestion. They also do it for users who have exceeded their allocated bandwidth or data.

In this case, call your ISP to remove the limit. Alternatively, you can use a VPN to stream anonymously and keep your traffic and data private. Also, consider reducing the amount of streaming you do online.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you solve the “not enough bandwidth” error on Plex. If not, consider contacting the Plex support team for more help.

Also, check the online Plex knowledge base to get more information about the error and how to fix it.


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