Fix Netflix error code tvq-st-131: couldn’t connect to Netflix

Netflix error code tvq-st-131 is a common error that many Netflix subscribers have experienced at one point.

This is usually a result of your device not connecting to the Netflix servers. The most obvious reason for this error is usually poor or no connection to the internet.

The error continues to display each and every time you retry until it is addressed.  This is categorized as a Netflix connectivity issue.

There are different ways in which this error might be fixed depending on a number of factors.

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Since Netflix requires internet connectivity, the fix for Netflix code tvq-st-131 will explicitly depend on your own internet settings.

Steps to fix error tvq-st-131 on Netflix

The methods that can be used to fix the error are discussed below:

Method 1: Restart your home network

The first step to do is to perform a cold boot of your network. Turn off all the devices on your network and shut down the network for about five minutes.

After the time restart the network first before powering the devices that connect.

Go back to Netflix and try to log in. In case this was a simple network problem the service should resume otherwise, use the second method.

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Method 2: Test your internet settings

Test your connectivity setting on another service or website such as YouTube to ensure you are still connected to the internet.

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If you have no network connectivity you need to troubleshoot that first before connecting to Netflix again.

Sometimes DNS errors will be the reason you couldn’t connect to Netflix.

Method 3: Clear your Netflix Cache

This simply means restarting the device that you are connected to Netflix with.

Clearing the cache will play a part in updating new settings that may have changed on the device.

First, log out of your Netflix account before turning the device off and then sign in back after the restart.

Method 4: Network check

This now is specifically each device network check. There are different ways in which we access Netflix.

Some do this through PlayStation, Firestick, Blue-ray player, Smart TV, or PC.

Each of these will have different procedures for the network check. For all the consoles ensure you connect them to the modem directly.

Check for network changes such as change of access point names.

If you had recently reset your internet settings you will have to update this on your device.

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The configuration details such as passwords and log-in details must be updated.

Log out of the access points and establish the connection afresh.

Method 5: Upgrade your network service

Low internet speeds also contribute to poor network performance. With other devices sharing your home bandwidth, it becomes hard to stream in high quality or stream at all.

Next, Netflix displays error tvq-st-131 which is a confirmation of your network troubles.

If you cannot afford to upgrade the network infrastructure, ensure you minimize the number of devices connected to the network when streaming.

This will free more bandwidth and you will be able to connect.

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