Fix Netflix error code: M7121-1331-p7

Netflix has different loops of its streaming app that make it easier to watch movies and series. The downside to these loops is that they introduce various errors that need specific fixes. One of these is the m7121-1331-p7 error.

The error occurs because of a browser issue. In other words, you are using an unsupported browser to stream videos on Netflix. Also, it can happen if you are using browser extensions that are blocking video streams.

When you encounter this error, you will not stream videos on Netflix. Although the message will recommend that you reload the page and try again, it will be futile.

The good news is that the error should not worry you. It is the easiest to fix compared to other Netflix errors. Use the following solutions to fix it.

Solutions to the Netflix m7121-1331-p7 error

  1. Use a supported browser
  2. Disable browser extensions
  3. Update your browser
  4. Clear cache
  5. Reinstall your browser

Let’s dive into a detailed guide for each of these solutions.

Netflix error code m7121-1331-p7

Solution #1: Use a supported browser

Netflix does not support all browsers. The case is valid for browsers that do not have HTML5 features such as video player.

Although you may be using an HTML5 browser, Netflix will not support it if it is outdated. So, which browser versions does the streaming network support?

Netflix supports the latest versions of browsers. If you are using an earlier version that isn’t supported, you will get the m7121-1331-p7 error when streaming videos on Netflix.

Moreover, you will not watch movies on the network if your browser cannot play HTML5 videos.

Although you may have all these browsers, Netflix won’t play depending on the operating system you are using. Consider Linux for example.

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Netflix only supports Opera and Google Chrome web browsers on Linux. The rest will not work apart from Vivaldi.

Solution #2: Disable browser extensions

Browser extensions are software applications that add functionality to web browsers. You can use them to add features to your browser or improve the functionality of websites.

Moreover, you can use them to remove unnecessary web elements like pop-up ads. But some of these applications may not be the best to have when you are streaming Netflix videos.

You will not stream any video on Netflix if you have installed an extension that is:

  • Filtering content
  • Forcing websites to connect automatically through HTTPS
  • Limiting the time you can spend on a website
  • Removing elements like auto-play for streaming videos

Any of these extensions will cause the Netflix error code m7111-1331-4027. As such, you should disable or remove them from your browser.

Solution #3: Update your browser

Sometimes the Netflix unexpected error m7121-1331-p7 occurs because of an out-of-date browser. The importance of upgrading your browser is that it helps to enhance the user experience.

Using an outdated browser means your speed of streaming content online is lower. You need a higher speed to stream Netflix videos.

The following steps outline how to update your browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is only available and tied on Windows 10. The process of updating the browser is different from other Microsoft browsers such as Internet Explorer. To update it:

  • Press the Windows Key
  • Type Check for updates
  • Press Enter
  • Select Check for updates under Update Status Section
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Google Chrome

Google updates its Chrome browser automatically. As such, you need to verify that you are using the latest version. Follow these steps:

  • Click the Customize and Control button
  • Select Help from the drop-down menu
  • Select About Google Chrome

A window will appear and start checking for updates automatically. It will also show you whether you are using the latest browser.

If updates are available, Google will update the browser automatically.


Mozilla downloads browser updates automatically and prompts users to install them. To ensure you have the latest version of the browser, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Menu button
  • Click Help
  • Select About Firefox

A window will appear and check for updates automatically. Install the updates if available.


The Safari browser will update automatically if you have turned on Apple updates. If not, follow these steps to update the browser.

  • Open the Menu
  • Select App Store
  • Click on the Updates button
  • Locate Safar and click on Update all

To ensure you have the latest version, always download Safari from the official Apple support page.


To check whether you are using the latest version of Opera, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Opera Menu
  • Select About Opera
  • Check whether updates are available

If available, the updates will install automatically.

Here is a video explaining how to update different browsers.

After you update your browser, Please reload the page and try again. You should be able to stream videos on Netflix. If not, consider the following step.

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Solution #4: Clear cache

You will not stream videos on Netflix if your browser has performance issues. Performance issues can occur when cookies and cache build upon your browser. Some of these include:

  • Slow page loads
  • Unnecessary URL suggestions
  • Garbled web pages
  • Random browser crashes
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Broken videos and images

To ensure optimal performance, clear cache from your browser, reload the page, and try to stream Netflix videos.

Solution #5: Reinstall your browser

Netflix not playing on Chrome? Consider reinstalling the browser. Depending on how you are using the browser to stream Netflix videos and visit other sites, you will have to reinstall it to enhance its performance.

Your browser can load pages slowly because of the buildup of cookies, bookmarks, history, and cache. If it is an old version, you will have to update it.

Before reinstalling, make sure you have downloaded a copy of the browser from Google. You should then go to your computer’s control panel and uninstall the browser.

After uninstalling, install the executable file you have downloaded. Open Netflix again and start streaming. The changes should apply by now.

Hopefully, this guide has enabled you to fix error m7121-1331-p7 on Netflix. If not, contact the Netflix support team for troubleshooting.

You can reach them through their social media pages, email, or call them through their toll-free number. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, let us know in the comments section below.

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