YouTube progress bar not hiding- How to fix?

The YouTube video progress bar is an important feature that makes it easy to stream your favorite videos. It helps you to keep track of the video progress.

Also, if you happen to leave the video without finishing watching it, the progress bar will help you to return exactly where you left off.

For a stress-free streaming experience, the bar is designed to hide automatically after a few seconds of not using it. However, from time to time, it can malfunction, leading to an irritating viewing experience on YouTube.

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What causes the YouTube progress bar not to hide?

There are several reasons why the YouTube progress bar might not be hiding. The most common ones include a bug problem, which can occur after installing or updating add-ons, apps, themes on your browser.

An outdated browser can also affect YouTube’s media player, causing the progress bar not to hide.

It is also possible for the issue to occur due to a faulty mouse – which can cause micro-movements that are detected by the media player, causing the progress bar to constantly appear and disappear.

Regardless of the cause, it is very frustrating when the YouTube progress bar is not hiding. To start with, it is very annoying as it distracts your attention away from watching the video.

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It also hides parts of the video, which can be especially problematic if you are watching a video with embedded subtitles.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can help you fix the issue and allow you to enjoy a stress-free streaming experience on all of your favorite YouTube videos.

How to fix YouTube progress bar issue?

Possible solutions for fixing the YouTube progress bar issue include:

  1. Activating full-screen mode using the shortcut (F)
  2. Reloading the video
  3. Restarting your browser
  4. Updating your browser
  5. Removing incompatible apps, add-ons, and themes

Solution #1: Activating full-screen mode using the shortcut (F)

Activating the full-screen mode is one of the easiest ways of dealing with the YouTube progress bar issue. Once the video starts playing in full-screen mode, the bar will disappear after a few seconds of not moving the mouse around.

To play the video on full screen, simply tap on the “F” button on your keyboard while watching the video.

Solution #2: Reloading the video

Sometimes, the YouTube progress bar issue can be caused by a minor problem such as the improper loading of the video, slow download speeds, or a slight problem with the browser.

In most cases, reloading the video will help to resolve the issue. Hit refresh on your browser if you are using a computer or exit the app and restart if you are watching on your phone or on TV.

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Solution #3: Restarting your browser

Most tech problems can be solved by a simple reboot, and the same goes for browser problems.

If reloading the video does not help to fix the progress bar issue, rebooting/restarting your browser might help. To restart, simply close and reopen your browser.

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Solution #4: Updating your browser

An outdated browser can cause all sorts of problems because it is not optimized for the best performance. Therefore, if the YouTube progress bar issue is proving to be problematic, the problem might be due to your outdated browser.

To fix the issue, simply install the latest version of the browser and then load the video you want to watch.

Solution #5: Removing incompatible apps, add-ons, and themes

If the YouTube progress bar starts acting up after installing or updating a new app, add-on, or feature, removing them might be the only solution. Check your browser to see if you have installed a new app, add-on, or theme recently.

If so, remove it and download it afresh. If the problem still persists, completely remove the application/feature and install an alternative one.

Bug problems can also occur due to installing/updating desktop applications that affect browser media players. For example, Adobe Flash player.

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Removing and reinstalling them afresh can help to fix the issue.

Solution #6: Switching to another browser

If the YouTube progress bar is not hiding after trying the above solutions, your current browser might be the problem.

In such a case, switching to another browser, even if it is not your favorite, can be the best solution to your problem. If this works, consider uninstalling your previous browser and installing it again before you retry to stream.

The incessant appearance of the YouTube progress bar can shift your focus from watching videos, or worse, hide important parts of the video. However, with the above solutions, you can be able to fix the issue and watch videos uninterrupted.

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