Fix: Netflix is having trouble playing this title

What should you do when you see “we’re having trouble playing this title right now” on Netflix? How can you fix the issue?

While streaming on Netflix is often a fun and flawless experience, there are some errors that you may encounter in some instances –one of them is the “we’re having trouble playing this title” error, also known as Netflix Error tvq-pb-101.

The tvq-pb-101 is a playback error that is most likely to occur while you are in the middle of streaming content. Fortunately, there are many working solutions to the error.

What causes playback issues on Netflix?

Before we look at solutions, let’s first understand what causes the Netflix playback error.

Netflix will indicate “we’re having trouble playing this title right now” due to several problems, with the most common being connectivity issues.

However, it can also appear due to:

  • Opening more than one tab on your Netflix account when streaming over a browser
  • Streaming with too many devices on the same account
  • Minor bugs and glitches on your streaming device
  • A temporary drop in the internet connection
  • Corrupted installation files on your Netflix app
  • Streaming using an outdated Netflix app
  • Outdated display drivers on your PC
  • Interference by third-party apps such as VPN or anti-virus programs

How to fix the “we’re having trouble playing this title right now” error?

To fix the issue, use these troubleshooting tips:

1. Reload the title you are trying to play

More often than not, error tvq-pb-101 is a temporary playback issue that will resolve in no time. However, it could also mean a problem with the title you are trying to stream.

Therefore, the first troubleshooting step is to follow the error message recommendation, i.e., “please try again or select a different title.”

So, first things first, reload your browser or app. The title should play if this step does not work, choose another and play it.

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If you can play other titles, the issue might be that particular file. If not, there is an issue that will require additional troubleshooting.

2. Find out if Netflix is down

Is Netflix down

If you find that Netflix won’t play anything, it could be that the streaming service is down.

Therefore, before you try anything else, check the Netflix outage status. If it is down, the only solution is to wait out the issue.

However, if Netflix is up, proceed to other solutions below.

3. Check that your internet connection is working

Connectivity issues are another top common cause of playback issues on Netflix. Several connectivity issues can make it impossible to play titles.

These include:

  • Outages on the internet service provider’s (ISP) end
  • Router glitches affecting connectivity
  • Inadequate network bandwidth causing slow speeds
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal that is reaching your device
  • Corrupted or changed network settings
  • Network issues caused by VPNs

The first step is to make sure that you have a working connection that is fast enough. For this, you need to perform a speed test.

Next, if your connection is not working, troubleshoot your router by restarting it and contacting the ISP if the problem persists.

If your internet is working, the problem could be that the connection is weak. Try moving your device closer to the router or using a wired connection.

If the issue persists, consider improving your bandwidth or switching to a faster Wi-Fi or cellular network or investing in a good streaming router.

Another area to check is the network settings, both on your router and streaming device. Make sure that you have not made any changes recently that have interfered with the connection.

Set your router and device IP settings to automatic for the best performance. Also, disable any VPN programs, as they can cause network settings to change that can interfere with Netflix streaming.

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If none of these seems to work or if you don’t have an internet connection, you should check out how to stream Netflix offline.

4. Log out and then log back into your Netflix account

log in Netflix

Sometimes, the Netflix playback error occurs due to temporary glitches, either on Netflix servers or your streaming device. Refreshing your streaming session can help to fix the issue.

To do this, you have to log out of your Netflix account first. If you are using a browser, close it, then re-launch it again and sign in to your account.

If using an app, exit it, re-launch it again and log into your account.

5. Clear cache on your browser or app

Netflix stores information on your device’s/browser’s cache to guarantee a smoother streaming experience.

Unfortunately, the cache data can become corrupted, causing your device not to connect properly with the Netflix servers.

You can resolve the issue by clearing the cache data on your browser or Netflix app. Then, when using the app, you can go an extra step and clear the app data.

After clearing the cache and data, restart your app or browser, then try playing the Netflix title again.

6. Restart your streaming device

A problem with your device could be another reason you are having trouble playing Netflix titles.

For example, the device could have bugs, corrupted files, or glitches affecting how it connects with your network router or Netflix servers. Rebooting it can help resolve these issues.

The way you restart your device will depend on what you are using to watch Netflix. If using your computer or phone, simply use the proper restart sequence or the power buttons.

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To restart other devices (set-top boxes, Roku, PlayStation, Smart TV, and others):

  • Turn off your device using the hard power button (Note: the remote power button does not turn off devices. It just places them in a standby or sleep mode).
  • Unplug the device from the electrical outlet (you can skip step 1 above and go to this directly).
  • Leave your device to rest for about 30 seconds to one or two minutes.
  • Plug back your device and turn it on.
  • Launch Netflix and try streaming again.

Try restarting your device after clearing the cache/app data and logging out of your Netflix account for the best results.

7. Sign out of all authorized devices

Netflix has a limited number of permitted devices that can stream at a given time, which varies depending on your subscription plan.

If you exceed the number, you will have issues playing any titles. Such a problem will likely arise if you have shared your Netflix login details with other people.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Simply log into your Netflix account on a computer and sign out of all devices.

To restrict the people with access to your account, change your username and password. You can then log into your account or app and try streaming again.


Don’t let the Netflix error tvq-PB-101 interrupt your streaming session. With the above troubleshooting tips and solutions, you can fix most of the problems causing the playback issues.

However, if you continue seeing the error, contact Netflix Customer Support for expert troubleshooting help.

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