Fix Hulu error code 500

Hulu has a few errors that are always referred with their error code numbers. It is hard for you to understand an error if the only information given is the error code. An error code number is however important when finding fixes for each error.

It is used to easily refer to a specific problem rather than long descriptive titles. A common question among Hulu users is what does error code 500 mean on Hulu? What the error means and how to fix it are discussed below:

What does Hulu error code 500 mean?

When users experience Hulu error code 500 they are likely to get a message; sorry we’ve encountered an unexpected error. We’ve been notified about this issue, and we will take a look at it shortly.

The error is mostly encountered when using the Hulu website, but it also occurs on streaming devices. It usually signifies your internet connection has problems. When your network server has issues, you will likely face error code 500 on Hulu.

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How to fix error code 500

It is always important to troubleshoot Hulu to know exactly which error you are facing. Once you establish the problem, you can easily fix it then. First, restart the application and try watching again. This is usually a quick fix for most Hulu error codes.

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It automatically resolves Hulu not loading. Ensure you close the application and wait for about 2 minutes. Start the application and navigate to your favorite show. If the error isn’t fixed yet, check the next steps.

Method #1: Check your browser

Hulu not loading can also be caused by browser errors. Sometimes proxy settings affect how different browsers access the internet.

These can in turn bar Hulu from having access to the internet. You start by reloading the Hulu page to see if the error will be addressed.

Method #2: Clear the cache on your device

This is especially useful when accessing Hulu on a PC or Mac. You can clear Hulu cache on the device to reset the connection.

Simply do this by navigating to the setting panel, head to apps and find Hulu app. Select the app and clear app cache. This will eliminate minor bugs on the app and should fix Hulu error code 500.

Method #3: Check your internet connection

Is your device connected to the internet? Check if the internet connection is working your device by attempting to load other pages. Check if there is a yellow warning sign on the network icon if you are using a PC or Mac.

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Your firewall or security settings could also be misconfigured. In this case, you should restart your device.

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Method #4: Restart your router

An issue with your router could be preventing your device from accessing the internet. The most common solution for router issues is a simple restart. If the persists, it could be a problem with your ISP and you’ll just have to wait for the issue to be fixed.

When Hulu freezes on the error, force-quit the application and restart it to fix the error. If the above fixes don’t work you can always redownload the app. If the problem still persists contact Hulu customer support via their website.


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