How to fix Hulu error code P-DEV322

It can be frustrating to get an error when streaming a movie or an episode on Hulu. Unfortunately, errors are prone to occur because of some technical reasons.

But each error on the streaming service always has a corresponding code. An example you may have come across is the P-DEV322 Hulu error.

The P-DEV322 error can occur anytime when streaming a movie, television show, or watching a live event. When it does, a message with the code pops up on your screen. That means you cannot continue enjoying the show.

You will have to find a way of fixing it so that you can resume watching the episode. Ideally, you are getting the error because of several reasons. These include:

  • Too many cached files on your app
  • An outdated app
  • Expired session
  • Service outage

2 working fixes to error P-DEV322 on Hulu

You can fix Hulu error code P-DEV322 using the following methods.

1. Log out of Hulu then back in

It sounds cliché, but logging out of Hulu and signing in again can fix the error, as some users have discovered. But why is this possible?

Technically, Hulu always remembers that you have logged in by planting a cookie in your app.

The cookie has a unique ID that identifies your device anytime you open the app. That means you do not need to log in again.

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But if there are too many cookies, the previous session will expire, and the service may not identify you. So, by logging out, the app will clear your information from the cache folder.

Logging in will invalidate the previous ID and create a new session. Follow the steps below.

Logging out on a Smart TV:

  • Select the Account icon
  • Scroll down and choose Log Out
  • Select Log Out of Hulu when prompted

How to log out of Hulu on your tablet and mobile phone:

  • Open the app
  • Select the Account Icon
  • Tap Log Out of Hulu

Logging out of Hulu on your computer:

  • Hover over your name if you are using a shared account
  • Click on Log Out

Once you log out, you will see a welcome screen. You should enter your email address and password to log in. Next, open the Hulu app and try again.

2. Clear Cache and Data

Hulu stores temporary data and files on your device to help with the app’s performance.

But those files can get corrupted over time, leading to streaming issues. That can also cause Hulu error P-DEV322.

Here is how to clear cache and data on:

Android Phones, Tablet, and TV:

  • Go to Settings > Apps (Applications on TV) > Select Hulu > Tap on Storage
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Data
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iPad and iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Select Hulu
  • Delete and Uninstall Hulu to clear up space

You should also clear data and cache on other devices. These include Fire Stick, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Computer, and PlayStation systems. After clearing, you will have to log in to your account to start anew.

Fixed Hulu error P-DEV322?

You can fix the P-DEV322 error on Hulu by logging out of your account and then back. Another option is to clear data and cache to free more space and start anew.

Also, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it. If that does not work, contact Hulu. The service will fix the problem if they are experiencing it from their end.

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