7 ways to fix HBO Max not working your TV

There are several common reasons why HBO Max may stop working. Some include an unstable internet connection, outdated apps or software, or incompatible devices.

Luckily,  each of these problems is fixable. You only need to follow simple steps such as checking internet speed, clearing app caches, or updating outdated software or apps.

Read on to identify the potential cause of your streaming troubles and learn how to get it working again.

1. Check your internet connection

Before considering other issues that may make your HBO Max not work, check that your internet connection supports video streaming. For the best experience:

  • HD quality (1080p) typically requires at least 5 Mbps download speeds.
  • 4K resolution needs 20 to 25 Mbps or higher speeds for smooth playback.

To check your connection speed:

  • Visit fast.com or speedtest.net.
  • Run the speed test about three times to get an average result.
  • Take note of your download speed and latency (response time).
  • A stable connection will have latency under 100ms and consistent speed results.
  • Try disconnecting other devices on your home network temporarily and restart your router.

If your speed is still slow after troubleshooting connection issues, contact your internet service provider for assistance

2. Ensure reliable connections

Strong connections between your devices are essential for smooth streaming. Sometimes, issues with HBO Max can stem from faulty links or incompatible linking gear. To check your video linking and cables:

  • Detach the HDMI cable from your television and streaming gadget, then plug it back in securely.
  • If you have an extra HDMI cable available, swap it in to see if that remedies any problems.
  • Consider upgrading to a speedy HDMI cable that meets the latest standards.
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3. Restart your devices

A quick restart is sometimes needed to resolve minor glitches or temporary technical issues. Restarting refreshes everything. To restart your devices:

  • Power off your TV set.
  • Disconnect your streaming device from power.
  • Remove all the connections and wires from the TV.
  • Let your TV sit unplugged for 30 seconds to 1 minute for all the residue power to be used.
  • Restart all and plug the devices back in in this order: router, streaming device, and TV.
  • Launch the HBO Max app after restarting and see if the streaming issue is resolved.

4. Clear the HBO Max app cache

Over time, temporary cached files stored by the HBO Max app can build up and potentially cause issues. Clearing the app cache frees up space and fixes glitches. To clear the cache:

  • Open your device settings and find the Apps or Applications section.
  • Locate the HBO Max app and select Storage or App Data.
  • Choose the option to clear the cache.
  • You can also clear app data if the problem persists.
  • Restart your device and relaunch HBO Max to see if it’s resolved.

5. Update apps and device software

Keeping the software on your apps and devices up-to-date is essential for compatibility and smooth streaming. Outdated software can sometimes cause issues or bugs.

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To check for and install updates:

  • Go to Settings on your smart TV or streaming device. Look for options related to system updates.
  • Check for available updates and install them.
  • Open your device’s app store. See if the HBO Max app has an update waiting.
  • Select the option Update and install the latest version of an app update is available.
  • After updates have been installed, restart your device, then try playing content through HBO Max again.

6. Remove and re-install the HBO Max app

If clearing the cache does not improve the streaming quality, try uninstalling and re-installing the HBO Max app.

Uninstall and re-install the  HBO Max app to improve the streaming quality.
Uninstall and re-install the HBO Max app to improve the streaming quality. Image by: Flickr/Focal Project

Sometimes, an app can become unstable over time; to fix this, you must install a new app. For smart TVs and Fire TV devices:

  • Open your device’s app store or app management menu.
  • Find the HBO Max app and select Uninstall or Remove.
  • Restart your device once uninstalled.
  • Return to the app store and search for the official HBO Max app.
  • Install the latest version of the app.

If you previously sideloaded HBO Max before the official release, make sure to delete the sideloaded version and install it from the Amazon App Store instead

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7. Use an external streaming device for older smart TVs

Old smart TVs have built-in software that is outdated and unable to support HBO Max. Ways to determine if your TV is too old include:

  • Check the model year – TVs from before 2019 may not have updated software.
  • Check to see if the TV has received any software updates recently. A lack of updates could mean an outdated system.
  • Research your specific TV model online to confirm compatibility with HBO Max.

If signs point to your TV being incompatible:

  • Consider an external streaming player like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Android TV boxes.
  • Connect to your TV via HDMI.

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