HBO GO keeps freezing? How to fix!

HBO Go is a perfect service for keeping yourself entertained at any moment, anywhere. However, just like any other service,

HBO Go users experience streaming issues at some point. One such issue is a playback error which ends with a notification that HBO Go can’t play video.

This is usually due to a couple of factors that deter the service from connecting to the servers properly.

The playback error might be due to a lack of internet connectivity, browser issues, and other factors.

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If your HBO Go service won’t load, there are a few fixes that you can apply to remedy this.

1. Check your internet connection

Whenever you have a problem streaming HBO GO, the first likely factor is poor or lack of internet connectivity. This service requires a fair amount of bandwidth.

The recommended download speed for HBO Go is 3mbps. Ensure you test your internet speed to confirm it is within the recommended standards.

2. Restart your network device

In case the first step does not fix your problem, ensure you restart the network device. Turn the device off for about two minutes and power it back.

A network reboot will automatically resolve all network adapter issues or show error messages in case of a malfunction.

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Check the version of your browser

Your browser plays an equally critical role in ensuring you are connected to the service.

Errors in the browser may lead to inaccessibility to services.

Clear your cache, update the browser, then restart the browser and log in.

Get all your configurations right

Ensure all the configurations used on the browser and HBO Go service are correct.

Things like Adobe Flash Player should be regularly updated to keep up with changes within streaming services.

Restart your streaming device

If you continue to get the spinning circle when Watching HBO Go on Samsung TV or any other device, make sure you restart it.

Ensure the device is disconnected from your home network.

After the restart, reconnect the device to your home network afresh.

This will allow your device to update all network changes and resume streaming.

Check your network signal strength.

If you are dealing with a wireless network, ensure the signal strength is at the optimal level. HBO Go freezes on Samsung TV due to fluctuating network signal.

Position your router in an ideal location where the signal will be well distributed.

Reduce devices connected to the HBO account

When too many users access the streaming service, you may likely end up stuck on the loading screen.

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Sign out of all other devices and use one to confirm if the services are okay.

It is important to note that many devices being connected to the same home network will also reduce the internet speed shared among devices.

Try and follow these steps to easily fix the loading problem. If the issue that an error has occurred, please try again later persists and contact HBO GO operators through their website contact details.

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