DisneyNOW app not working? Why it happens and how to fix

Are you having trouble finding interesting and relevant content for your child?

Well, it is common that during school holidays, parents usually have a hard time finding good content for their kids to watch. Especially, in this age where any kind of content, including what isn’t good for your child, is highly accessible.

Thankfully, there are dedicated channels for Kids content such as the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and PBS Kids. With the DisneyNow app, you can even access the content wherever you are, be it at home, or on vacation.

Unfortunately, one thing that DisneyNow app subscribers have a problem with is the various issues that pop out when streaming the content.

These constant issues, coupled with the long troubleshooting session can make any subscriber regret subscribing to the service.

But before you end your DisneyNow subscription or opt for cartoon streaming websites, below are some of the top solutions that can fix most of these issues in just a few minutes.

Reasons why the Disney channel app is not working?

Before looking at some fixes, it is a good idea to understand why you might be experiencing issues with your DisneyNow app. Below is a look at some of the top reasons:

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Wrong log-in information
  • Outdated application
  • Corrupted cache or app’s data
  • Incompatibility caused by third-party applications
  • Temporary bugs
  • Streaming devices errors
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How to fix DisneyNow app issues

Make sure to try each of the following steps until DisneyNow starts working again.

Whether you are using the app on your iPad, Kindle, Apple TV, Xfinity, Fire Stick, or Roku, among others, these solutions should help.

1. Make sure DisneyNow is up-to-date

The most common cause of Disney channel app issues is streaming using an application that is outdated. While this is unusual (because most devices update apps automatically) it can still be an issue.

Therefore, before delving into more complex troubleshooting and fixes, check that your app is updated to the latest version. If it is not, update it and then try accessing the service again.

2. Delete cache and stored data

While the cache is important to access data offline or when you have poor internet, corrupted cache and missing resource files also account for a huge number of DisneyNow app issues.

Some of the most common examples from this problem include crashing or failure of the app to load.

Deleting the cache and stored data can remove or repair problematic files that are responsible for the issue.

To clear cache and stored data, launch the DisneyNow app in your streaming device and go to settings. From here, clear the cache and the stored data.

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Note: clearing stored data will reset the app, including any saved login information and content preferences.

3. Re-authenticate Disney now

Another way to fix Disney channel app issues is by refreshing your service. And the best way to do this is by re-authenticating your Disney now subscription. This can solve most of the issues, especially those affecting the way content is loaded.

To re-authenticate the subscription:

  • On your viewing device, go to DisneyNow app Settings
  • Select your TV provider from the settings menu
  • Select “Allow TV Provider Access” to authenticate the app. You will be provided with an activation code
  • Visit disneynow.com/activate and enter the activation code; you will be redirected to your TV provider page
  • Login in to your account to complete the re-authentication

With successful authentication, you will now be able to watch your favorite program without any issues

4. Delete and re-install the app

Is the DisneyNow app still not working on Samsung TV and other devices? The issue could be with the app itself – corrupted or missing files, or a bug.

Even after resetting the app (by deleting cache and data), these issues could still persist. So what can you do? It is simple! Delete the application and install a fresh and up-to-date version.

Deleting the app will remove it alongside any other issues that could be spoiling your streaming experience. Of course, you will lose any saved data and your watch history, in some cases, but it is a small price to pay to fix your issue.

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5. Rebooting your streaming device

Another possible reason why Disney now the app is not working on Apple TV and other devices is a faulty device. This could be a temporary issue that can be fixed by rebooting it.

To do so, unplug the device from the power outlet, wait for about 2-5 minutes, and plug it back in again, and power it on.

You can also use the hard reset button (usually located in the device’s back panel) to reboot it.

What if DisneyNow app issues persist?

While the DisneyNOW app is a great source of entertainment for kids and even the family, it can be affected by some issues.

Unfortunately, these can lead to a very frustrating streaming experience. Luckily, the solutions above can fix most of these issues.

However, if the issue you are experiencing is not resolved, you can contact the Disney Channel support center for additional troubleshooting and technical help.

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