What to do if the CTV app is not working

The most common reason why CTV may not work on your TV is a poor internet connection. But there are also other issues, and we’ll discuss them here.

If you aren’t able to watch CTV despite having subscribed to the service, you need not worry. Most of the issues can be fixed without any extra support.

The most common problems include:

  • The app doesn’t load.
  • A black/white screen.
  • You can’t log in or access your account.
  • You can’t install the app on your phone or TV.
  • Some episodes are not available or are locked.
  • The app doesn’t show notifications.

Before you proceed with these troubleshooting tips, confirm that you have an existing subscription and you are accessing the app from a supported region. You should also activate CTV using specific instructions for the device you are using.

1. CTV app is not loading

There are several reasons why the CTV app may fail to load on your phone or TV:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection: Confirm that your internet is working properly. If you are using a data connection, open other apps to confirm if it is working.
  • Check whether CTV’s servers may be down: Go to CTV’s Twitter account to check for complaints about their service outage. If there is one, close the app and reopen it after a few hours when the error has been fixed.
CTV app status
CTV app status

2. A black/white screen

A blank screen that is either white or black means that the app can’t load content either due to an internet connection error or an inability to access CTV’s servers.

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In some cases, the screen will last for a few seconds before displaying a message, while in other instances, the app will crash.

There are several possible causes:

  • A problem with the loading feature: Switch off your phone or TV, then wait a few seconds before turning it on. Reopen the app to see if the problem is fixed.
  • Insufficient memory: Wait for your phone battery to drain completely until the phone turns off automatically. You should then charge the phone and turn it on.
  • Corrupted files: Uninstall and then reinstall the app to replace corrupted files.
  • An outdated app: Go to the PlayStore or App Store, search for the CTV App (from Bell Media Inc), then tap Update.

3. Can’t log in to your account

Failure to log in could be due to a wrong username and/or password. Make sure you are entering your password correctly. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

If you are using a third-party site to log in, check to confirm that it is working properly.

If none of these work, you’ll have to reset your password. Click Forgot Password, then follow the instructions to reset it.

4. CTV app installation problems

The app won’t install if your device, whether smartphone or TV, doesn’t have enough storage space.

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Some devices will show you a message indicating that you need to create room to install the app.

Finally, confirm that the CTV app supports your TV or phone’s operating system version. If not, you might have to update the operating system.

5. Can’t access TV shows or some episodes

This happens because most of CTV’s programs are available on the platform only for four weeks after the first date of airing.

You can view the content for the first seven days without having a TV subscription. However, when this period lapses, you will need to subscribe to watch.

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