Fix Crackle video won’t play error

Sony Crackle is one of the best video streaming services that offer movies, Tv shows and original web shows. The service has many subscribers because of its extensive collection of movies and TV shows that come for free.

Sony Crackle can be accessed on a couple of devices ranging from mobile devices to smart TVs. This scale of accessibility comes with a number of problems.

Many Sony Crackle users have recently reported a number of errors on different platforms. These are usually brought about by bugs that can easily be fixed.

A common problem is when Crackle video won’t play. This error can be attributed to connection problems or poor configuration.

Troubleshooting crackle video won’t play error

When a video on Crackle fails to load, it can be due to a number of factors including a poor internet connection or the website is down.

Here’s how to troubleshoot the service when videos aren’t loading.

1. Check your internet connection

The first thing to check is the internet connection. Video playback issues such as buffering and freezing normally indicate an error on your connection. To fix this error you need to test your internet connection first.

Open a new webpage on your browser to establish whether you have a connection issue. You can reset your router if it is a connection problem.

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If other pages are loading, conduct an internet SpeedTest to determine whether you have enough bandwidth.

Sony Crackle has HD definition content which requires high bandwidth. Upgrade your internet speed to enjoy seamless streaming.

2. Check your account settings

A Sony Crackle not launching or initialization failure is a result of an account misconfiguration. You need to correctly set up an account for Crackle to load. When using Crackle on any device, ensure you provide the correct account information.

You always need to pair Crackle with your selected device to start streaming movies. If Crackle fails to start close the app and restart again.  Sign out then sign back in to rectify this error.

3. Sony Crackle not working on Roku

Sony Crackle users on Roku also experience a few errors from time to time. One most common problem occurs when activating the device.

Make sure to follow the process we’ve described in our Crackle activation guide to avoid this error.

If you’ve activated the device but the video isn’t loading or is displaying a black screen, it could be an issue to do with firmware and software versions. Update Roku and Crackle to fix the error.

If it hasn’t been fixed yet, you should delete and reinstall the app.

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4. Fix Crackle website not working

This error is caused by incompatible browser settings. Roku is a streaming service that supports ads. If you have adblockers on your browser, it may be hard for you to watch videos.

You can fix this by going to your extensions settings and disabling adblocker for the page. This will allow you to see ads and in turn, your streaming service will resume.

There are other errors that will also be solved by reinstalling crackle. These include the white screen on Crackle and Crackle not loading. The errors are caused by faulty application settings.

Also, update your device to the latest software for easier integration with Sony Crackle app updates. If you can’t log in to the app, we have a detailed guide to fix the Crackle app when it isn’t working.

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