How to cancel Virgin Media TV package

Do you want to end your subscription with Virgin Media TV and are unsure about the process and costs?

Like other service providers in the UK, the company has a termination procedure for users moving to non-cabled areas or migrating to other providers. However, the process may be different depending on one’s contract.

In most cases, if you are migrating from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another, you’ll only need to sign up with the new provider. The new ISP does all the work for you.

However, Virgin Media TV does not share its network with other service providers. So, you must cancel your contract with the company as a user.

How to cancel Virgin Media TV

If you want to migrate from Virgin Media, there are several ways to terminate your subscription. However, canceling your subscription through the website is intricate, and the website may not be responsive.

Fortunately, you can:

1. Call Virgin Media

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Calling Virgin Media is the simplest and easiest way to cancel your active subscription with the provider. If you have a Virgin Media telephone:

  • Call 150
  • Select the “Leaving Virgin Media” option.
  • Confirm your request to terminate your subscription.

However, if you are using another phone service provider, you can still cancel Virgin Media by calling 0345 454 1111. Once it goes through, follow the steps above.

2. Send mail

Besides calling, you can cancel Virgin Media by post. To complete the process:

  • Write a 30-day notice
  • Mail the notice to Virgin Media, PO Box 333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7 9ZJ

3. Send an email

You can also email your cancellation notice to the company. While there is no specific Virgin Media cancellation email address, you can still send your termination notice. To send the termination:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Virgin Media email and password
  • Write and send the cancellation notice.

If you need help writing a contract termination letter, then this guide should come in handy.

Once you have terminated your contract with Virgin Media, you will get a notice from the company informing you to return the Wi-Fi router and TV box. Note that you can return one if you have canceled only one service.

Can I still get Freeview if I cancel Virgin? Unfortunately, you cannot receive even the Freeview channels. The box must have an active subscription for you to watch the paid and free-to-air channels.

Cancellation fees

If you want to terminate an active subscription with Virgin Media, you may pay the cancellation fees. The “Early Disconnection Fee” applies to all users ending one or all services by Virgin Media.

For instance, canceling TV services and retaining an internet connection will still attract a cancellation fee.

What is the cancellation fee for Virgin Media? The company does not have a uniform charge for all its users. The amount depends on your contract and the services. However, the charges will not surpass what you could have paid if you did not terminate the contract.

The cancellation fees will be different if, for example, you cancel Virgin Media TV only. In such a case, it will be less as opposed to canceling all the services. However, you must return all the accessories to Virgin Media.

When are cancellation fees not applicable?

In some unique cases, you can get out of the Virgin Media contract without paying any fees. Like other providers, Virgin Media has obligations too.

If you feel that the company is breaking any of its obligations cited on the contract, you can cancel your subscription with them without paying any fees.

First, you can terminate your subscription with the provider within the first 14 days. This is the “cooling off” period. You can also end the contract without paying the termination fee if their service is faulty and cannot be fixed.

Thirdly, if the company’s broadband speeds are slower than what you signed for, you have the freedom to terminate the subscription. You can also end the contract with Virgin if they hike the package prices.


Whether you are a long-time Virgin Media subscriber or trying out their services, you can terminate your subscription. Depending on your contract, you may pay a termination fee.

However, if you are canceling Virgin Media because of slower speeds or a hike in prices, ending the subscription is free.

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