10 best interior design shows on Netflix

If you love the interior design or are just looking for a new idea for your next home project, then Netflix has the best shows for you.

From budget-friendly designs to interior design competition shows, all are covered here.

In this post, I will highlight 10 of the most amazing interior design shows on Netflix that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Instant Dream Home

Cast: Danielle Brooks, Adair Curtis, Nick Custumpas, Eric Curtis, Paige Mobley

In this show, a squad of interior design experts led by Danielle Brooks takes a huge challenge.

First, they come up with ideas and designs to transform the homes of deserving families from roof to bottom in less than 24 hours.

The team is then tasked to work extra hard while having fun, to beat their 12-hours deadline.

The show’s climax is the homeowners’ heartfelt response when they first see their new home. They are filled with disbelief and joy, as they can hardly recognize their new home.

2. Amazing Interiors

Cast: John Teall, Robert Vicino, Wesley Cannon, Will Pemble, Nicholas Laschkewitsch

A theme that characterizes this intriguing reality show is “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Instead, the show focuses on locating and showcasing people’s homes with unique interiors.

That is despite their ordinary outside appearance. In this show, homeowners go the extra mile to ensure the interior of their homes is unforgettable.

The first episode, ”Chicago Cubs Cave, Aquarium House, The Love Boat,” features a sports fanatic whose home has a run in the basement.

A retiree who has got a scuba dive situated in the living room. And a couple who does remodel a boat on River Thames.

3. Made by Design

Cast: Tito Ogufere, Tosin Oshinowo, Lani Adeoye, Dapo Akintunde, Papa Omotayo, Seun Oduwole, Tracy Nwapa, Jacqueline Aki, Demi Samande, Tola Akerele, Diseye Tantua, Theo Lawson, Muni Shonibare.

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Made by Design is a documentary created by celebrated producer Tito Ogufere.

It showcases architectural, product, and interior designs of remarkable buildings that Africans have designed.

It features 13 renowned interior designers, architects, and artists in Nigeria who are leaders in their domains.

In every episode, these African creatives are interviewed to give inspiration for their work and its motivation. The designers promote sustainability techniques in their work and enhance job creation in the continent.

This unique interior design show on Netflix highlights rich African heritage and culture.

4. Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Cast: Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, a renowned Japanese tidying consultant hosts this show. Kondo uses the KonMari Method, the step-by-step guide, to help families declutter and tidy their homes.

She walks each family to organize every section of their home using this technique, from their drawers to pantries to dressers.

The first items are the clothes, then move on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental possessions. According to Marie, only keep what ”sparks joy” and discard the rest.

In the first episode, named Tiding with Toddler, Marie works with a couple with two children. They are struggling to keep their house organized and still care for the young ones.

She gives them tips on decluttering the playroom, sorting clothes, and tidying up the kitchen. This works very well in organizing their home.

5. Interior Design Masters

Cast: Alan Carr, Fearne Cotton, Michelle Ogundehin

This is one of the most challenging interior design competition shows on Netflix. A team of 10 experts in interior design competes for a significant commercial deal.

The winner gets the deal and the privilege to collaborate with one of the prestigious design firms in London.

Every week, the contestants are given a different task to renovate. This can range from shops to restaurants, bars, show homes to holiday villas.

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The purpose is to test if they can meet various clients” expectations in distinct residential or commercial sectors.

Every designer works hard to retain their position throughout the challenge. However, in the end, the weakest contestants explain in detail their design decisions.

There is an elimination of at least one of these competitors and the rest progress to the next round.

The best part is that the judges provide advice allowing you to learn more about interior design along the way.

6. Stay Here

Cast: Genevieve Gorder, Peter Lorimer

Stay Here is one of the best Netflix shows about interior design.

The show is hosted by Genevieve, an expert in interior designing, and Lorimer, a renowned real estate broker.

Stay Here centers around improving short-term rental properties. In return, this enhances customer experience, which leads to maximized returns.

The show starts by documenting the process of the expert’s first project, “Seattle Houseboats.”

In this episode, viewers see a transformation of a floating holiday rental belonging to a married couple into a stunning romantic getaway waterfront retreat.

7. Dream Home Makeover

Cast: Shea McGee, Syd McGee

Dream Home Makeover is focused on making families’ life beautiful. It is hosted by a husband and wife, Shea and Syd McGee.

They have an Interior design studio in Utah. The duo travels across the United States, listening to different stories from the natives.

They then dream and design the ideal home makeover that meets the families” needs.

Their tasks start with bringing brightness and a colorful mood to the large and underutilized area in the Forever Home episode. Then, they add a touch of expensive luxury to a new home in the Manor House Design episode.

The show also highlights the couple’s milestone of welcoming their latest member of the family, baby Margot.

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8. Tiny House Nation

Cast: John Weisbarth, Zack Giffin

Redecoration experts Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth embark on a journey across America in this Netflix interior design show.

Their sole motive is to showcase tiny creative spaces and those dwelling in them. They also assist other families in designing and building their mini-dream homes.

However, the surface area has to be not greater than 500sq feet.

The Netflix series promotes the new shift towards tiny homes characterized by friendly budgets.

9. Motel Makeover

Cast: April Brown, Sarah Slash

Two Canadian best friends, April Brow and Sarah Slash, host this interior design show.

Interestingly, the two entrepreneurs have no experience in design, hospitality, or renovation.

Still, they take on the challenge of renovating a dilapidated motel found in Prince Edward County, Ontario. After redesigning it, it was renamed the June Motel.

Furthermore, they go ahead to take more extensive and more challenging projects on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron at Sauble Beach.

All these renovations began just before the outbreak of the COVID Pandemic.

10. The Great Interior Design Challenge

Cast: Daniel Hopwood, Sophie Robinson, Tom Dykhoff, Kelly Hoppen

As the name depicts, this is a British interior design competition show on Netflix. The show aims to discover Britain’s most talented interior designers.

The contestants transform different rooms of the same home according to their liking and the owner’s specifications as a challenge.

Their designers impress judges and homeowners with exemplary designs as a requirement. After that,  the judges select one of the best from the team to be the winner.

They then progress to the next round while the others go home.

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