10 best offline music apps for Android and iPhone

Music streaming apps have one drawback –they require an active internet connection at all times. This has led to some streaming service providers providing ways to listen offline.

In this mode, the streaming app downloads music in advance and stores it on your phone so that you are able to listen anytime without having to connect to the internet.

The only drawback with this feature is you won’t be able to find new music or add new songs unless you reconnect to the internet.

Top 10 apps to cache music for offline listening

These are the top 10 apps for listening to music offline.

1. Spotify


Spotify is a platform that gives you access to millions of songs. The music library at Spotify is massive, with a range of music from early years to the latest hit tracks.

Spotify requires you to create an account so that you can create your own playlists and customize your listening experience.

If you are a Spotify user and want to play music without the internet, you must get a premium account.

The premium account will offer a tool that will allow you to take your favorite tracks offline.

2. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is one of the largest music-sharing communities. It has a high number of listeners across the globe.

It allows you to cache music for offline listening. You can do this in quick, simple steps.

All you need to do is select all your favorite tracks and click on like on each track. Once you get offline, you will find these tracks cached.

With a subscription to SoundCloud, you will be able to save multiple playlists offline. You can subscribe to SoundCloud to listen to music offline.

3. Groove Music


Microsoft’s Groove Music app lets you access all your purchased music offline.

You can also synch tracks from other devices to the music app. If you have cache music on Android devices, you can still transfer them to Groove.

4. Deezer


Deezer is a music download app that features over 53 million songs. The app is available in over 180 countries.

This means you will access your music nearly everywhere as long as you have an app to access its database. You can also listen to live radio with the app.

Deezer gives you the power to listen to music without Wi-Fi or data. To listen to music without Wi-Fi go to the setting and select the go offline mode.

This simplicity makes Deezer the best free offline music app.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is a paid app developed by tech giant Apple. The app is natively available on all Apple mobile devices. You can still cache music on Android with this app.

On opening the app, you should see three dots alongside each song.

Click on the dots to download the song for offline listening.  The app is usually preinstalled on the iPhone.

6. Google Play Music

Google Play

This app was developed by Google to answer the increasing demand for digital music.  The app is pre-installed on all Android phones.

Although the Google Play Music app is among the best free apps to cache music for offline listening, the process is a bit complex.

First, you must log in to the app and navigate to the music track you want to download. The track will have three dots which you can click on to find the “Make It Available Offline” option.

The feature is, however, limited to a certain number of songs. Unfortunately, the app is not available in all countries.

7. Amazon Music unlimited

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium service with an ad-free 30- day trial. Once you purchase your songs through the service, you can download them for offline listening.

To use this music app without Wi-Fi, you must follow the following steps.

Download the app and purchase a subscription. The next step is to play your favorite music. All songs you listen to will be downloaded to your pre-configured save directory.

The app does not allow you to upload your own music for streaming.

8. Tidal


Tidal is a high-fidelity app that offers a premium music experience. It offers two types of subscriptions, High-fidelity music quality and normal subscriptions.

The app allows you to listen to songs before downloading them.

The download process is quite easy, all you have to do is select your favorite track and select the download option. The app also offers access to live concerts and DJ sets.

9. Slacker Radio

Slacker radio

Slacker allows you to create your own radio station. It is a free app, but the free version is not ads-free. You can download the ad-free premium version.

Once you download the app, go to the search bar and find your preferred music. Select download music tracks for offline listening. You should first configure the default saving location for easy access.

10. Gaana


Gaana primarily provides Indian music. It also has English music for download. The content on this app is confined to music tracks only. The app has an ads-free subscription plan.

To download music with the app, you first log in, select the song that you want and move to the main screen, and select download.

If you are looking for an ideal music app for offline use, whether it is on Android, iPhone, or any other device, hopefully, the above list has offered a solution to your problem.

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