“An error occurred loading this content” on Apple TV! The Fix

If you are using an Apple TV, chances are you have come across several errors when using the device. Playback errors and long waiting times before a video can start playing are no exceptions.

You may also have encountered the message – an error occurred loading this content – when streaming.

In most cases, the videos you have selected start playing as usual. But after one or two minutes, they stop suddenly, and the message appears.

Many users have encountered this problem with video podcasts, YouTube streams, and Netflix streaming, among others. So, what could be causing it?

Why content is not loading on Apple TV

Some reasons the airplay error in loading content occurs include:

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Outdated firmware
  • The video quality is too high

In other cases, the specific streaming application could be the problem and not necessarily the device.

How to fix content not loading on Apple TV

You can fix this problem in various ways:

1. Test your internet connection

Since one of the primary reasons for the Apple TV error message is network connectivity issues, perform a speed to determine whether your internet has a problem.

  • Go to Settings from the Apple TV menu
  • Choose General
  • Select Network
  • Choose Test Network
  • Press OK and then YES to confirm
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If the download speed is below what you expect, contact your ISP or upgrade.

2. Power-cycle your Apple TV

Power-cycling the device will refresh connections and start anew.

  • Unplug the device from its power source for two minutes
  • Plug it back
  • Power on the Apple TV

After power-cycling your TV, try opening the video to see changes.

3. Connect Apple TV directly to your modem

If you are using a wireless network and Apple TV keeps saying error loading this content, connect the device directly to your modem.

  • Switch off the device
  • Plug Apple TV directly into your home modem using the Ethernet cable
  • Switch both the device and the modem on after connecting them directly

When you use an Ethernet cable, the device will use the connection instead of Wi-Fi.

4. Update device firmware

If Apple TV firmware is out-of-date, you will get many problems apart from connectivity issues.

  • Select Settings from the menu using your remote
  • Choose General
  • Scroll down and select Software Updates
  • Choose Update Software or Update automatically
  • Tap on Download and Install

After updating the firmware, go back to the video and try again.

5. Boost your Wi-Fi signal

If you are using Wi-Fi to access the content, consider boosting its signal to determine whether it will help fix the problem. You can do this by:

  • Moving the router to a different location to improve the signal strength
  • Placing the router on an elevated place to provide better reception
  • Switching off other devices that are using the same Wi-Fi network
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Understand that some Apple TVs support 4K content. If your internet connection is unstable, you need to decrease the video quality to fix the error. Go to Settings > Audio and Video > TV Resolution and change from there.


When Apple TV “error occurred loading this content” message appears, it means you cannot continue streaming a video.

The problem could be your internet connection is unstable, or your firmware is outdated. You can fix it by improving your wireless connection, updating TV software, or decreasing video quality.

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