Does Xbox One keep signing you out? The fix!

For the past two decades, Xbox has revolutionized video gaming. Unfortunately, playing games on the Microsoft-owned platform may come with its share of challenges.

For example, Xbox One can sign you out of your profile while in the middle of a gaming session.

While slow and unstable internet may affect your gaming experience on Xbox, most of the service outages are because of Microsoft’s system errors.

From your end, it is advisable to ensure that the internet connection is strong and stable.

Why Xbox One keeps signing you out

In addition to Microsoft’s system errors, you keep getting signed out of Xbox One because of the following reasons.

  • The Xbox may sign you out due to cache memory.
  • If somebody else is using your Xbox live account, you may experience this technical issue.
  • If you do not restart your Xbox One console regularly, the Xbox may sign you out from time to time.

How to stop Xbox One from signing you out

Fortunately, the problem is solvable in the following ways.

Solution #1: Clear cache

Clearing cache memory helps solve temporary problems. If the Xbox live keeps signing you out, you should clear the cache before going to other solutions (below).

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To clear the cache on your Xbox console, follow these steps.

  • Press the power button until your console turns off
  • Unplug your Xbox from power brick for at least 5 seconds
  • To drain any power left on your Xbox, press the power button again
  • Plug your Xbox back to the power brick and wait for the power light to turn orange from white
  • Turn on the Xbox One

Here’s a video guide for clearing Xbox One cache:

Clearing the Xbox cache should solve the problem. In case you still get error messages, restart it (check the steps below).

Solution #2: Restart your Console

If clearing the cache did not solve the problem, you should restart your console. To restart your Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • Hold the console power button for at least 15 seconds
  • The Xbox will turn off. After another 15 seconds, press the power button.

Alternately, you can restart your Xbox One console through this process:

  • Open the “Power Center” on your Xbox by long-pressing Xbox sign
  • Then, select the ‘Restart console’ option
  • Under this option, click ‘Restart.’

After 10 seconds, you should play video games again.

However, if the Xbox keeps signing out after restarting the console, remove and then re-add your account (check the steps below).

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Solution #3: Change password and initiate a two-factor authentication

If you are randomly signed out of Xbox One – and you have tried the three solutions above with no results – it is time to change your password and initiate a two-factor authentication.

Also, if you have downloaded your profile on a different console and you are getting similar “sign out” errors, it is time to change your password.

To set a two-factor authentication and change the password, follow these steps.

  • Sign in to your account and select ‘Security.’
  • Click on the “Change my password” option
  • Create a new and secure password and then click ‘Save.’
  • After changing the password, click “Set up two-step verification” to lock out unauthorized access to your live account.

Watch this video to change your Xbox one password:


As a gamer, you should always ensure that that your live account is safe and free from unauthorized access by enabling two two-step verification.

Also, clearing cache is a better way to ensure your gaming sessions are interrupted.

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