Who makes TCL TVs? Is it a good brand?

TCL is still one of the bestselling TV brands, even with the budget TV market saturation. The company has successfully balanced the picture quality with pricing and therefore attracted more customers across the world.

Due to unprecedented pricing and improved technology, the question of who makes TCL TVs is often a focus of discussion when comparing their expensive TVs with those from other global companies.

Who makes TCL TVs?

The TCL TVs are made by TCL — a Chinese tech company with operations across the world. Unlike other budget TV brands such as Vizio, the company oversees the sets’ designing process, manufacturing, and marketing.

TCL TVs are made in different manufacturing plants across the world, although most units are from China. The decision to make most TCL TVs in China has a lot of impact on pricing and technology.

Is TCL made by Samsung? Attributable to quality improvements and better OS, Samsung and TCL’s latest screens have many similarities. However, Samsung does not design or make TCL TVs.

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Also, unlike in the smartphone market where Samsung supplies screens to other companies, all TCL components are from other Chinese companies and not Samsung.

Is TCL a good brand of TV?


With nearly four decades in operations, TCL has invested a lot in research and technology. Therefore, it is a good brand.

Apart from technology and massive investment in research, TCL TVs are worth checking out for four reasons:

1. Smart interface

All TCL models have a well-thought interface. The menus are easy to navigate, especially when moving from the home menu to other settings.

Also, the new TCL models have casting support, making them easier to integrate with mobile apps.

2. Dependability

Are TCL TVs reliable? Yes. TCL makes durable TVs. Therefore, you can use the TVs for years, whether you a gamer or you want a set for content consumption.

Whereas using the brand for a long will not affect the picture quality, TCL does not guarantee OS update on older TV models.

3. Sound and picture quality

Although sound and picture quality differs from one model to another, all TCL TVs have better sound and picture integration.

The screen’s vibrancy is unmatched, especially compared with other budget-friendly options. However, you should not expect the same quality as Samsung’s latest models.

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Also, the TCL sets are synonymous with good-sounding speakers. If you are into gaming, you may need to invest in better headphones or external speakers for a better experience.

4. General design and appeal

The TCL new TVs are lighter, and more importantly, they have thin bezels. These two features make TCL a progressive company, especially in making stylish sets without altering the pricing.

However, the new mid-range models may cost more (compared to older TCL models) but are cheaper in comparison to Samsung and Sony flagships.

Issues with TCL TVs

TCL Roku Television
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Besides these specs, do TCL TVs have problems? Like any other brand, TCL has its share of compromises. For example, “screen uniformity” is typical in cheaper models.

Also, the color accuracy is inferior compared to high-end models.

TCL vs. Samsung and Vizio

TCL is often compared to Samsung because of quality and Vizio due to competitive pricing.

While the brand has many similarities with the two, it performs differently against Vizio and Samsung.

Is TCL better than Vizio?

TCL and Vizio are both budget TV brands. Therefore, they have almost similar specs, especially picture quality, connectivity ports, and bezels. However, TCL’s newer models have higher refresh rates compared to Vizio’s.

Is TCL better than Samsung?

Compared to Samsung’s pricing, TCL TVs provide more value for money. However, TCL sets are inferior to Samsung in three ways — lower refresh rate, inconsistent color accuracy, and local dimming.

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Fortunately, the difference between the two brands becomes blurred as you move to newer models.

Compared to Samsung, why is TCL so cheap? The company has control over designing and manufacturing. Therefore, TCL minimizes production costs by eliminating the need to bring more players into the manufacturing process.


TCL is bridging the gap between flagship TV models and budget sets. The aggressive pricing with better OS support and picture quality makes TCL TVs ideal for all users.

Even though TCL does not offer OS support to older models, it is reliable, even with extreme customization.

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