Who makes JVC TVs? Everything you should know

JVC is one of the top TV brands of all time, and you are likely to come across it when shopping for a TV. But who manufactures the TVs for the company?

Over the years, the demand for better TV sets has risen sharply. Consequently, many TV companies have been forced to outsource some of their manufacturing operations to meet the demand.

Therefore, regardless of how reputable a TV brand is, it is important to know who makes the next TV set you will buy.

Here, we have compiled detailed information about JVC TVs. From company history to current owners and manufacturers. This is everything you need to decide if JVC is a good TV brand.

What does JVC mean?

Before even looking at owners and manufacturers, let’s first understand the meaning behind the TV brand name.

JVC stands for Japan Victor Company. The company was established in 1927 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Victor Talking Machine Company – a phonograph manufacturer based in the US.

JVC was initially founded to manufacture and market phonographs in Japan, with TV manufacturing coming in later.

Who owns JVC TV today?

JVC has gone through several ownership changes since the company launched in 1927. Below is a brief history of the company over the years:

Takeover by RCA Victor

In 1929, the JVC was transferred to RCA Victor after Radio Corporation of America (RCA) purchased its parent company (Victor Talking Machine Company).

Around the same time, Mitsubishi and Sumitomo companies also purchased JVC’s minority shares.

Ownership by Nissan Motor, Toshiba, and Nihon Denko

In 1937, RCA Victor sold most of its shares in JVC to Nihon Sangyo (today’s Nissan Motor Company).

It sold its remaining minority stake to Nihon Denko and Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Toshiba) a year later.

Around the same time, Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance acquired shares held by Sumitomo and Mitsubishi.

Under the Panasonic Corporation

Over the years, Toshiba managed to acquire more JVC shares, becoming the primary owner.

However, in 1953, the corporation sold its shares due to the anti-monopoly laws implemented during the American Occupation of Japan.

The move saw Matsushita Electric Industrial Company (now Panasonic Corporation) become the major shareholder of JVC.

Are JVC and Kenwood the same company?

JVC Kenwood

Panasonic Corporation maintained a majority stake in JVC until 2008 when it relinquished its control.

Following this, Kenwood Corporation merged with JVC, forming JVCKenwood, the current parent company of the JVC company.

Therefore, JVC and Kenwood are not the same company, but Kenwood Corporation is one-half of the parent company that owns the JVC trademark.

Does JVC still make TVs?

JVC has been making TVs since 1939 when the company made its first TV using local Japanese components.

For a long time, the company dominated the TV manufacturing industry, establishing itself as one of the most reputable TV brands in the world.

However, over the years, the company has been overtaken by other top TV brands, such as LG, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Hisense, Skyworth, and the likes.

JVC, however, still manufactures TVs to this day. The company offers a wide range of color TV models, with various screen sizes from 32″ to 70″.

They also make Smart TVs, with some equipped with a built-in Roku decoder. JVC’s TVs are marketed in the North American market, Europe, Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world.

Who manufactures JVC TVs?

For a long time, JVC used to have several manufacturing facilities worldwide. However, in 2008, it closed its TV production plants in Japan and Scotland.

As a result, the company was left with only two production facilities in Thailand and another in Europe.

So, who makes JVC TVs? JVC ultimately resorted to outsourcing production for its TV sets to other companies.

It licensed TV production for the North American market to AmTRAN Video Corporation. On the other hand, Dixons Carphone, a UK electrical and telecommunication company, got the license to manufacture TVs for the European market.

In 2018, AmTRAN Video Corporation’s manufacturing license expired, and JVC granted Shenzhen MTC, a Chinese-based company, permission to make TVs for the North American market.

Dixons Carphone license for the European market is still in place. Another company, Viera Group, was granted a license to manufacture JVC TVs in 2019 that are sold to the Indian Market.

Where are JVC TVs made?

JVC TV with Roku

Shenzhen MTC, the current JVC TVs manufacturer for the North American market, is based in Shenzhen, China.

Dixon Carphone, the original equipment manufacturer licensed by JVC for the European market, is based in London, England.

Lastly, Viera Group, the company licensed to make TVs for the Indian market, is based in India.

Should you buy JVC TVs?

Now that you know JVC does not manufacture its TVs but outsources them to other companies, is JVC a good TV brand? Is it better than Hisense or other brands such as Skyworth?

For years, JVC has been a reputable TV brand, with its television sets considered among the best. Unfortunately, it has slipped quite a bit, with more prominent TV brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony taking over.

However, JVC is still a good brand overall, with its TVs having decent quality and being famous for their affordable prices.


If you have been curious about who makes JVC TVs, now you have your answer.

The production is outsourced to various companies, the present ones being Shenzhen MTC, Dixons Carphone, and Viera Group.

However, despite outsourcing, the company has some pretty decent TVs in the market. In addition, it is one of the few TV brands with a built-in Roku platform.

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