Spectrum cable box error codes list and their solutions

Encountering mysterious error codes disrupting your viewing pleasure on your Spectrum cable box can be frustrating.

However, having the proper knowledge can help you resolve common issues quickly and easily before contacting Spectrum support.

Here is a list of the most prevalent Spectrum error messages, what they indicate, and step-by-step solutions to try.

1. DUI or DMI – No video signal

The DUI or DMI error codes indicate an issue receiving video signals on your Spectrum cable box. When this happens, your television is unable to display programs or content.


  • Ensure all cables between your cable box and TV are firmly connected at both ends. Gently wiggle each cable to ensure a snug fit.
  • Inspect the video cable for kinks, cracks, or other visible wear and tear. If necessary, replace it.
  • To refresh your cable box, disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait a short time before reconnecting.
  • If the issue lingers after checking connections and restarting, contact Spectrum support. A technician may need to take a closer look.

2. DI – Outdated program guide

The DI error alerts you that the program guide on your Spectrum cable box needs updating. Over time, as TV schedules change, the guide can become outdated.


  • Disconnect the power cord from your cable box for a moment, then reconnect. This will trigger an automatic refresh.
  • Give it some time, usually 15 minutes to an hour, to download and install the updated guide data from Spectrum.
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3. EC220 or E220 – HD programming on SD receiver

This error occurs when your cable box attempts to tune into or purchase a high-definition (HD) program, but your television or receiver is only capable of standard-definition (SD) quality.

While HD broadcasts offer a crisper picture, SD displays cannot handle the larger file size and detail.


  • Check the display specifications to confirm whether you have an HD or SD television.
  • Verify your Spectrum subscription provides the appropriate HD or SD level of programming to match your TV’s abilities.
  • If needed, you can upgrade your receiver to handle HD content or change your service level to SD.
  • As an interim solution, you can try finding the same program in SD format on another channel within your current subscription.
  • Check all cable connections are firmly attached, then power cycle your cable box to refresh the signal.

4. Error 1, Error 5, Error 7 – Hardware failure

These error codes can indicate an internal problem with your Spectrum cable box hardware or its connection to the network. ERROR messages are typically related to connectivity or communication failures.


  • Disconnect the power to both your cable box and home router for 30 seconds, then reconnect. This refreshes the devices.
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Spectrum Cable box power port
  • Check all cables running to and from the equipment for any damage or loose connections that could disrupt signals.
  • Ensure your cable box and router are positioned where WiFi and cable signals have clear paths. Avoid placing in metal enclosures or behind large objects.
  • If errors persist after verifying connections and restarting devices, there could be a true hardware fault. Contact Spectrum support to diagnose further.

5. E14 – Receiver startup failure

The E14 error indicates your Spectrum cable box is having trouble powering on or booting up properly.

When this occurs, the receiver may shut off or get stuck on a blank screen. You need to troubleshoot your Spectrum device.


  • Disconnect the power cord from the TV and cable box for two minutes to fully reset the devices.
  • Reconnect everything once the time has passed and observe if the problem persists.
  • Look for any software or firmware upgrades available for your specific model that could resolve compatibility issues.
  • Ensure all connections to the cable box are firmly attached, including the power cable.
  • If restarting does not solve the no startup problem, contact Spectrum support to schedule a technician visit to examine the receiver further.

6. E09 – Dead battery or memory failure

The battery, like any rechargeable cell, loses power over time and needs replacing. On older models this may be the culprit.

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If not, the issue could be corruption, which occurs in the cable box’s memory.


  • Unplug the power cord for a minute to refresh the internal components.
  • If it is not fixed, technical support is needed, so talk to the customer care team about the error code. The same is true if the above step temporarily fixes the error.

7. E5052, E5702, EC451, E451 – On-demand video purchase issue

These error messages indicate a problem occurred when attempting to purchase or access a video from Spectrum’s on-demand library. The causes are:

  • High network traffic or a minor outage may interfere with the purchase process.
  • Your cable box could momentarily lose connection to Spectrum’s servers.


  • Wait 15-30 minutes for network activity to settle before trying again.
  • Make sure your cable box and home internet are both connected.
  • Power cycle both devices by unplugging the power cords for a short time.
  • Double-check any payment methods or subscription levels associated with your order.

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