Spectrum: 4 ways to watch recorded shows

You can’t always be around to watch your favorite live TV shows when they stream. That’s where the recording feature on Spectrum comes in handy.

All you have to do is set the service to record that particular show when it airs. But how do you access and watch recorded shows on Spectrum?

There are 4 ways to access and watch recorded shows on Spectrum. Accessing them on the Spectrum app is straightforward. But the same cannot be said of devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox.

We’ll cover all these methods, including solutions for those watching on Samsung Smart TVs and Android devices. If you’ve tried in vain to access downloaded content, we’ll do our best to guide you on how to access it. Finally, we’ll show you how to delete shows you’ve already watched.

Let’s dive into the best ways to watch and delete shows on Spectrum without delay.

4 ways to watch recorded shows on Spectrum

The recording feature has been on Spectrum for quite a while. These are the best ways to access content that you have downloaded or recorded for watching later.

1. How to watch recorded shows on your local DVR

Spectrum DVR box

Your DVR receiver has a hard drive that allows you to record, watch, or manage shows. To watch recorded shows on Spectrum via your local DVR, you should proceed as follows:

  • First, check if your receiver is working perfectly
  • On your remote, click on the Menu button
  • Look for the My Library option on the Menu and select it
  • You will see a list of recent recordings on the left
  • Use the remote’s arrow buttons to highlight the show you want to watch
  • Click OK and enjoy the recorded show
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Using ‘My Library’ will only give you access to recently recorded shows. To view all recordings on your DVR, select the ‘Go to My DVR’ Menu on the screen.

Alternatively, click on the DVR button on your remote. Aside from watching DVR recordings on Spectrum, you can sort and arrange the shows.

2. Watching recorded shows on the Spectrum mobile application

The second way to watch receded shows on Spectrum is by using the mobile application. This method uses the remote cloud service on any smartphone or tablet.

The app requires iOS 12.0 or Android 5.0 and above to operating on iOS and Android phones respectively.

In addition, ensure your phone or tablet is connected to the internet (data or WiFi) to access Spectrum cDVR or cDVR Plus.

Here is how you watch recorded shows on the mobile app:

  • To begin, install the Spectrum TV app on your mobile via the respective app store.
  • Open the application and provide the details needed to open an account
  • When logged in. locate DVR and access it
  • Click My Recordings to view your recorded shows
  • Select any show and click Watch

Always remember to update the application on your device’s app store to get new features and enhance its performance.

3. How to watch recorded shows on cloud recordings

These recordings are called Cloud Recordings because you can access your DVR on any device. However, you must download the app first to watch and manage recorded shows on the Spectrum application.

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You can download the Spectrum app on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, and other smart TVs.

This is how you watch recorded shows on the TV app:

  • Open the Spectrum application and click on DVR
  • On the DVR menu, click on My Recordings
  • Select the recorded shows you’d like to watch
  • Click on Watch to start watching the content
Spectrum recordings DVR
Recordings list on Spectrum DVR

However, for Apple TV and Roku:

  • Open the Spectrum app
  • Locate and access the My Library Menu.
  • Open Recordings
  • Select a show and click on it

If your smart TV is set up differently, locate the Spectrum application and access the corresponding ‘My Library’ or ‘Recordings’ menus.

4. How to watch recordings on the web browser

Finally, you can watch recorded shows using your PC or any smart device with a web browser. But, again, make sure your internet connection is solid and stable.

  • On your PC, open your browser – Firefox, Chrome, etc. If you don’t know which one to use, here’s a list of the best browsers for streaming.
  • watch.spectrum.net on the search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click login and sign into your account
  • On the Menu, select My Library and open My Recordings
  • >Start watching the recorded show you want

These are the ways you can watch recorded shows on Spectrum TV. Please contact an expert for advice if you’ve got a problem with any of these steps.

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How to delete recorded shows on Spectrum

After you’re done watching a recorded show, you have to delete it to save space for more recordings.

The number of recorded shows you can download depends on your subscription package.

For example, with a cDVR subscription, you can download fifty shows that will stay on your account for up to ninety days.

cDVR Plus subscriptions let your download a hundred programs that remain on your recording list for up to a year.

When you want to clear storage, you can delete shows you are done watching. To do this:

  • Go to the Library of recorded shows
  • Select the show you want to delete
  • Open the program info page>
  • Click Delete Recording on the show/episode you want to delete
  • Accept the pop-up confirmation to remove the show

Delete a Spectrum DVR recording

Now that you’ve saved some space, you can download more content for later viewing.


This guide makes it easy to record your favourite shows, access them, and delete them whenever you want. 

While the Spectrum TV DVR has many features and benefits, you will only get the most out of their services when you properly know how to navigate the app on your smart device.

If you are in a pickle, you can always leave us a comment or contact the company’s support. You can also check out our guide on troubleshooting the Spectrum DVR service. Now, you can enjoy your shows without any hassle!

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