Panasonic Smart TV apps won’t work? How to fix!

The Panasonic Smart TV comes with many pre-installed apps. FXNow, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are excellent examples. You can also add apps by downloading them via the app store.

All these applications give you a convenient way of enjoying different services. But there are instances where the apps stop working.

When you encounter the Panasonic TV apps not working problem, you may not enjoy streaming or accessing the internet through the browser.

Why your Panasonic Smart TV apps are not working

Apps on your Panasonic Smart TV may not be working because

  • You are using an outdated app
  • The app does not support the version of TV you are using
  • There is a service outage of the specific app

The best way of fixing any app issue on your Panasonic Smart TV is to identify the primary cause.

Solutions to the “Panasonic apps not working” issue

Try out these fixes for apps that have stopped working on your Panasonic TV

1. Ensure the app supports your specific TV model

Like other manufacturers, Panasonic tends to abandon the support of many apps. Some include Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even BBC iPlayer. Also, the TV provider does not guarantee the availability of applications on its platform.

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So, if apps are not working, check whether Panasonic supports them. That will depend on the TV model you are using. If it does not support your specific application, you will either have to upgrade the system or update your app.

You should also check with the app provider to find out if your TV is supported.

2. Update your Panasonic Smart TV software

You need to update your TV software to the current version to fix issues with your app. Updating ensures that your television has all the latest features and functionality.

To update Panasonic Smart TV firmware

  • Go to Menu from your remote
  • Select Network
  • Select Software Update

You will see the current and latest versions displayed on your screen. If a newer version is available, follow the instructions as they appear on your screen to update the firmware.

You can also update your Panasonic TV firmware manually. All you have to do is download the custom firmware for your TV model and install it.

3. Reset the app

Resetting the app in question might help fix the problem you are facing. This especially helps to solve memory problems and connection issues.

To reset apps on Panasonic Smart TV

  • Go to Menu from your remote
  • Open the app (e.g. Netflix)
  • Press the following buttons in a sequence – Up twice, Down twice, Left once, Right once, Left once, Right once, and finally Up four times
  • A deactivation screen will appear
  • Deactivate the app
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Deactivating Netflix (or any other app) on Panasonic will log you out of your account. Log in and try again.

4. Restart your TV

Restarting your TV is a simple procedure that can fix many issues. That can include low-level system errors, network issues, and memory leaks, among others.

If apps are not opening, restarting will offer a quick solution, especially if the applications are frozen.

To restart a Panasonic Smart TV

  • Switch off the Panasonic TV from the power button
  • Unplug the device from the power source
  • Wait for two minutes and then plug back the power cable
  • Turn on the TV

Go back to the app and try opening again.

Can you use any app now?

If you can’t get apps on Panasonic Smart TV, chances are the device or the system does not support them.

You will either have to upgrade your television or look for an app that works well with your model. Also, check your connection to ensure you have the recommended internet speed.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, we’ve either solved your problem or pointed out that you need to have your TV checked by a professional.

If any of these solutions worked for you, point them out and you could help other people with the same problem. Leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below.

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