How to use Anyview cast on your Sharp TV

Learn how to connect your Sharp TV to your phone using Anyview Cast and cast your phone’s screen to the TV.

Viewing content from your smartphone screen on your TV screen has never been easier! Anyview cast is a screen mirroring app, which allows you to connect your Android or Apple phone, and mirror a Sharp TV wirelessly.

Using this app, you can also share your favorite content, play games, and so much more, offering you a much richer and more seamless viewing experience, all from the comfort of your home.

How do I cast on Sharp TV using Anyview cast?

If you have a newer model Sharp TV, then it already has the in-built Anyview cast feature, and there is no need for you to download it on your TV. But if you have an older TV, you have to download the app first.

After downloading the app on your Sharp TV, you have to download it on your smartphone. It works for both Android and iOS.

Next, connect your phone and your TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Connecting a Sharp TV to your Android phone or tablet

Anyview cast on Android
Anyview cast on Android

To cast an Android smartphone to Sharp TV:

  1. Press the Input button on your Sharp TV remote. A list of apps and features will appear.
  2. Navigate to and select Anyview cast. This part of the process will vary depending on your model, but the idea is pretty much the same
  3. On your Android device, open Settings, and then navigate to Bluetooth and Connections.
  4. Locate and select the Cast option. There will be a menu denoted by three vertical dots with the option for a Wireless display. Check that box
  5. You will then see a list of available destination devices to connect to. Select your Sharp TV from this list.
  6. Wait for the Creating Connection progress bar to complete on your TV screen. Once your Android device is connected, you will see the phone display starts mirroring/casting on your Sharp TV
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Using your iPhone or iPad

Screencasting Anyview cast
Casting an iPhone to a TV

To screen mirror an iPhone onto a Sharp TV using Anyview Cast:

  1. Launch the App Store on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  2. Download the Anyview cast app. (Make sure you are only downloading apps from the official App Store to avoid malfunctions and other issues).
  3. Install the app, then launch it.
  4. Connect your phone and TV to the same network. Once that is done, connect your iPhone to your TV.
  5. Open Anyview Cast on your TV. You should see Waiting for external device to connect message on your TV screen after a few seconds.
  6. Tap Select on your phone. The next screen will display a list of all the available destination devices to connect to.
  7. Select your Sharp TV, and give it a few seconds to connect

Once the devices are successfully connected, your iPhone screen should now be displayed on your TV screen.

Remember to turn off the portrait oriental lock and turning your phone sideways so you can view your screen in horizontal view. You can do this by swiping up on your screen (or down if you are using iPhone X and above) to access the control panel.

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