Troubleshooting a Hisense TV that won’t turn ON

It can be frustrating when your Hisense TV won’t turn on. Luckily, several troubleshooting tips can help you identify and fix the issue.

Several reasons can explain why your Hisense TV is not turning on. Top among them are power supply issues, software glitches, bugs, and internal hardware failure.

Below is a detailed look at these reasons, troubleshooting tips, and top solutions to help you get your Hisense TV working again.

Common reasons why your Hisense TV won’t turn ON

The following are some of the potential issues for why your Hisense TV is not turning on:

  • Your TV’s power cord could be damaged.
  • Your TV may be experiencing some power supply issues.
  • Weak remote batteries
  • Faulty remote control
  • Software glitches or bugs
  • Internal circuits or hardware failure
  • Damaged TV backlights
  • Overheating

Basic troubleshooting guide

If your Hisense TV is not turning on, try the simple troubleshooting steps below:

  • Check that your TV is plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure the power cord is properly connected to the TV power port.
  • Check that your remote control has working batteries.
  • Try turning on your TV using the hard power button
  • Ensure the HDMI and other input cables are snugly connected to the input ports.

For any other tips, check out Hisense TV’s general troubleshooting guide.

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Hisense TV user PurpleBlade321 had a similar issue whereby the TV wouldn’t turn on.

If none of these solutions work, you can try the following troubleshooting tips and solutions:

1. Check whether your remote control is working

Hisense TV remote control.
Your TV may not turn on if you’re using a malfunctioned Hisense TV remote

Sometimes, the reason your Hisense TV fails to turn on can be as simple as a faulty or buggy remote. Fortunately, this is a simple issue to fix.

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First, try resetting your remote by removing the batteries, pressing the power button for about 20 seconds, and then returning the batteries. This reset will clear any glitches with the remote, allowing you to turn on your TV.

If you still cannot turn on your TV, the next step should be to test whether your remote is working. To do this:

  • Ensure that your remote control has new batteries.
  • Open the camera app on your phone.
  • Repeatedly press the power button on your remote control while directing it towards your phone’s camera.

If the remote is working, you should see a flashing LED light coming from the remote. If not, your remote is faulty, and you should purchase a new one.

Another way is to perform a remote test using your selfie camera.

2. Examine your power cables 

If your Hisense TV won’t turn on but the blue light is on, you may be dealing with power supply issues.

This can happen when your power cables, outlets, and surge protectors are damaged, causing an unstable voltage supply to the TV.

You can try a few solutions to fix this issue; start by switching to a different electrical outlet. You should also remove any surge protectors and extension cables between the electrical outlet and the TV power cord.

Power supply issues can also occur when your cord is defective or damaged, leading to insufficient voltage supply.

Therefore, changing your TV power cord is another top solution that can help fix this problem.  

3. Power cycle your TV

When your Hisense TV won’t turn on but the red light flashes, you may be dealing with a software glitch or bug on your TV. It is also possible that your TV is stuck in standby mode.

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The best way to fix these issues is to power cycle your TV. To do this:

  • Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • Leave your TV unplugged for a few minutes.
  • With the TV unplugged, press and hold the power button (on the TV) for about 20 seconds) to discharge any remaining power.
  • Plug your TV back in and turn it on.

This procedure should clear up any minor issues affecting your TV.

4. Perform a soft reset

If your Hisense TV won’t turn ON, you may be dealing with slightly more serious software or system settings issues.

Fortunately, a soft reset can help to clear these problems, fixing your TV.

To perform a soft reset on your Hisense TV:

  • Ensure your TV is connected to the power and turn it on using the remote (or the TV’s power button).
  • Press and hold the power button (on the remote or the TV) until the red light disappears, turning off the TV.
  • Press and hold the power button (on the remote or TV) until the red light flashes again.

Try performing this reset cycle a few times until the issue clears up and your TV turns on.

5. Ensure your TV is not overheating

If your Hisense TV turns on and then off, you may be dealing with an overheating issue. The overheating will cause your TV to suddenly freeze and shut off, and your TV won’t turn on until it cools down.

The best thing you can do is leave your TV to cool down for a few hours or overnight. In addition, you should check that the TV air vents are not blocked by the wall or that dust has built up.

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If the overheating issue persists, you may be dealing with an internal component, such as a damaged CPU heat sink. Therefore, you should contact a technician to examine and repair your TV. 

6. Factory reset your TV

A factory reset may be necessary if your Hisense TV has a red light but won’t turn on.

The reset wipes everything on your device, thus removing any corrupted settings or cache information that could be causing the TV not to turn on.

To perform a factory reset when your TV won’t turn on:

  • Ensure your TV is turned on (the red light is on).
  • Find the reset button (or pinhole reset button) – this is located at the back panel of your Hisense TV, usually near the HDMI port.
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Your TV will initiate the factory reset procedure, after which you can turn it on.

Note: After the factory reset, you must follow the on-screen instructions to set up your TV before using it.

7. Take your TV to an authorized repair shop

Another Reddit complaint about a Hisense TV that won’t turn on

If you still see a black screen on the Hisense TV after turning it on, you may be dealing with an internal hardware issue. This can include:

  • A damaged power supply board
  • A damaged motherboard
  • Faulty TV blacklights
  • Water damage
  • Damage to the internal circuits is caused by overheating or power surges.

Unfortunately, troubleshooting and fixing these issues requires technical know-how. Therefore, in such a case, you should take your TV to a repair shop where a technician can examine and repair (or replace) the damaged hardware component.

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