Hisense Smart TV apps not working? The fix!

Hisense is among the most popular Smart TV companies, especially in Europe, Asia, and Africa. This Chinese company produces a wide range of affordable Smart TVs of different screen sizes.

You can download just about any app on your TV to enjoy a great streaming experience. However, some users have reported their Hisense Smart TV apps are not working.

So, what causes apps on a Hisense TV to stop working? In our research, we found out that the issue affects both new and old TV models.

However, there were some consistencies that we spotted in these complaints. We have therefore curated a list of solutions that worked for many users.

What can make Hisense Smart TV apps not to work?

Some of the reasons why Hisense Smart TV apps may not be working include:

  • If you have internet connection issues, the apps may not work.
  • The apps may fail if the Smart TV does not have updated software.
  • The Smart TV apps may also fail if you have not cleared the cache data for long.

How to fix Hisense Smart TV apps when not working

The following are the best four options for resolving Hisense Smart TV apps that may not be working.

Solution #1: Clear Internet memory on your Hisense Smart TV

When using a Smart TV, the cache can affect the app’s functionality. Although the cache is supposed to improve your Smart TV viewing experience, too much cache may your viewing experience.

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In order to clear the app cache on Hisense Smart TV, follow these steps.

  • On your TV remote control, press ‘Home
  • Select ‘Network’ on the setup options.
  • Press ‘Clear Internet Memory

After clearing the cache, the apps should work perfectly. If not, you should consider the other three options outlined below. It is, however, important to note that clearing cache resets apps on the default setting.

Solution #2:  Reset your Hisense Smart TV

If deleting the cache did not solve the problem, you need to reset Hisense smart tv apps. When resetting your Smart TV apps, you should remove external storage.

Regardless of which year your Hisense Smart TV was manufactured, the following steps work.

  • On the Hisense remote control, go to ‘Main Menu
  • On the ‘Main Menu,’ click ‘Self-diagnosis
  • Select ‘Reset’ and wait for a few seconds for the smart TV to reset.

Resetting the Smart TV apps is one of the most reliable ways of regaining your viewing experience.

If the apps won’t open on Hisense Smart TV after rebooting the apps, you need to download the apps again (check the steps below).

Solution #3: Update the Smart TV apps

If clearing cache and resetting the smart TV did not work, you need to update apps on Hisense Smart TV.

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The following steps work for all Hisense Smart TVs, regardless of their year of manufacturing.

  • On your Hisense remote control, go to the ‘Home’ option.
  • Select the ‘Apps’ option.
  • Go to Google Play Store and select the ‘Auto-update apps’ option.

This process is also similar when you want to add apps to Hisense Smart TV. If the update option does not give results, uninstall the apps, and install them again.

Solution #4: Update your Hisense Smart TV software

If you notice apps not loading after the three solutions, it is time to update your Hisense Smart TV software.

  • Connect the Hisense Smart TV to the internet.
  • On your remote control, select ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Software Update
  • Start updating Hisense Smart TV.

The update time depends on your internet speed and, more importantly, the size of the update. If there is no available update, repeat the above processes.

If Hisense smart tv apps won’t work after these four solutions, it is vital to contact a Hisense representative or customer support.

Fortunately, if you want to get apps to work on Hisense, the four solutions have a high success rate.

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  1. Hulu doesn’t seem to want to work on my TV. I open it and it immediately closes. I’ve restarted the TV earlier this week because of this and now I’m having the issue again…. if I’m gonna have to restart my tv twice a week what’s the point??

  2. From about three weeks ago, when I clear my cache and cookies, all the apps disappear from my home page and I need to reinstall all the apps and login details. This happens approximately every two days. Very frustrating. Is there anything I can do ?

  3. I try to down load my channel 9 Now app but does not work.
    It continues answer not connected try again later reply
    Hisense 55S8 smart tv

  4. Same. It doesn’t have any of these options. There isn’t anywhere to set the app to update, reset the TV, clear the cache, etc. My TV is less than two years old.


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