How to connect a Hisense TV to your phone

It is relatively easy to connect your phone to a Hisense TV in just a matter of minutes.

The only problem is that there are several methods and third-party sites to help you do the aforementioned, hence making it hard to determine the best and safest method to use.

Since a Hisense TV is powered by an Android operating system, you will need an HDMI to Lightning adapter or a digital media player such as Roku or Google Chromecast to connect your iPhone to it.

Android phones can easily facilitate the connection wirelessly via Hisense’s inbuilt feature called Anyview cast

Below is a breakdown of some of the viable methods you can try for both devices.

Method one: How to enable Android phone screen mirroring on Hisense Smart TV

To share your Android phone’s screen on your Hisense TV, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your TV’s Settings
  2. Click on the System icon
  3. Select the Settings icon that will have popped up
  4. Go to the icon named Network, open it, and select Network Configuration. Ensure the network configuration is set to Wireless.  
  5. Go back to the settings menu page, and you will see Anyview stream or Anyview cast. Select whichever you will see.
  6. Connect your TV and your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  7. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. If you do not have it, go to the Google Play Store, download the app, then install it.
  8. Once it is installed, click on the hamburger-looking icon on the left corner. It will lead you to the Menu.
  9. Select Cast Screen/Audio to open a list of all available devices to cast on the menu on the menu.
  10. Your smart TV should be on the list, click on it, and voila!
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That is how you can easily cast a phone to a Hisense TV.

If you want to stop casting, go to Notifications, select the casting notification, then click Disconnect.

Method 2: How to connect iPhone to Hisense TV

Apple Lightning to HDMI Digital AV adapter
A Lightning to HDMI Digital AV adapter by Apple

You can use a digital media payer such as Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, or Roku, among others, by connecting it to your TV.

After which, you can connect your iPhone to the media player’s official app and use it to connect to the Hisense TV. If you don’t have a digital media player, read on!

  1. Get an HDMI to Lightning adapter (we recommend the Lightning to Digital AV Adapter by Apple). These types of cables have a standard iPhone lightning port on one side and a female HDMI port on the other.
  2. Insert the lightning end of the cable to the iPhone.
  3. Proceed to connect your TV to the adapter via HDMI cable. Since the HDMI cable has two connectors, one goes into an adapter and the other into one of the many HDMI ports on the TV.
  4. Press the input button on your TV’s remote.
  5. Confirm the label of the HDMI port that is connected to your iPhone (it could be HDMI 1, HDMI2, etc.) and select it from the list displayed on the screen.
  6. Press Enter and your iPhone will cast to Hisense TV screen.
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Method 3: How to connect Android Phone to Hisense TV via a screen-sharing app

Assuming the above method does not work for you, then you have the option to download a third-party app that can help cast your Android phone to your TV.

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone and download a screen-sharing app such as Castto.
  2. Click the home button of your TV’s remote and select apps
  3. Type ‘screen sharing app’ on the search bar, then download and install it.
  4. Search for ‘screen mirroring’ or ‘screen cast’ on your phone’s notification bar and click on it.
  5. Your Hisense TV should be on the list of devices available; click on it and select connect.

Note that you can connect your phone to the TV without Wi-Fi by using Bluetooth.

All you need to do is substitute the Wi-Fi part of the steps above with Bluetooth. However, you will not have access to a lot of features.

As stated earlier, there are loads of third-party sites that can help you connect your Phone to Hisense TV. Though, it is advisable to research the app you chose before downloading.

Check reviews to avoid apps that either don’t work or might be prone to a security vulnerability.

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