Why is the activation code not displaying on my Smart TV?

Are you looking for quality entertainment content at home? Smart TV services such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung TV, and others offer access to various premium entertainment products.

These include premium TV channels and entertainment apps that allow you to access all your favorite content.

However, to enjoy the content you must first activate the specific channel on your Smart TV. This is usually a simple process.

However, sometimes you might experience some issues, one of them being the TV activation code not displaying. This is a detailed look at this issue, from what causes it to possible fixes.

Why you can’t find the activation code on your TV

Here’s what may be preventing your TV activation code from displaying on the screen:

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Corrupted data or cache on the TV
  • Display problems due to dark mode feature
  • Issues with the activation process
  • A bug problem

Below is a detailed explanation of these reasons and how to get the activation code on your TV screen.

1. Check if the internet connection is working

Most smart TVs require an internet connection to activate channels. Therefore, if you are having problems getting the activation code, the internet connection might be the issue.

So, the first thing to look at is the internet. Make sure it is strong and fast, especially if you are using a wireless one.

Try loading any other website to determine if it is working. If it is not, switch to a more stable alternative, for example, Ethernet or mobile broadband.

2. Clear data/cache on your Smart TV

Smart TVs are basically computer devices, and thus they will store data in them. From time to time, the data may become corrupted, which could lead to issues with the channel, apps, or product activation.

Clearing the data or cache of the TV can help fix the issue.

To clear the cache on your Smart TV:

  • Press the HOME button on the TV remote
  • Select Settings > TV
  • Select “Apps” or “Channels” (depending on your TV)
  • Click on the app, channel, or product you are trying to activate
  • Select clear data/cache to delete the saved data

Once the data has been cleared, you can try to get an activation code again and use it to activate your desired service.

3. Reboot your TV

Smart TVs are vulnerable to bugs, which can create several problems, including not displaying the TV link code on your screen. Luckily, you can fix the issue with a simple reboot.

To do this, simply disconnect the TV from the power outlet, wait for about 5 minutes, then connect it again and power it on.

4. Use alternative activation methods

Are the above solutions not working for you? Don’t worry, there is still hope. Most services come with alternative activation options, for example, email activation.

With this option, instead of the code being displayed on your TV, it is sent to your email. After receiving it, you then enter the activation code on the activation website, thus setting up your desired app, channel, or product.

5. Disable the dark mode feature on your TV

Another top reason why the activation code might fail to display is the dark mode feature. This feature may come as the default option in some TVs.

While it might enhance the viewing experience with a theater-like viewing, it might not work with setup and activation processes.

This is because the TV code might be displayed in dark colors. Therefore, with the dark mode on, it would be impossible to see it.

Disabling the function when activating your channels and app can thus fix the issue.


Activating channels or apps is as simple as entering the code displayed on your TV on the activation website.

However, you might find yourself having a difficult time if the code fails to display. Luckily, you can fix the issue with the above solutions.


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