20 best free Christian TV channels to watch online in 2024

Are you looking for the best free Christian TV channels to watch online? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the 20 best free Christian TV channels online. These channels offer a wide range of programming, including sermons, music, and documentaries.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, education, or entertainment, these Christian TV stations online are worth watching.

1. UP Faith & Family

Upfaithandfamily streaming channel
The UP Faith & Family channel airs quality Christian content – Image: upfaithandfamily.com
  • Owner: Charles Humbard
  • Countries: United States
  • How to Watch: Roku, iOS, Android, Smart TV
  • Popular Shows: Bringing Up Bates, Growing Up McGhee
  • Website: upfaithandfamily.com

UP Faith & Family is one of the best religious channels on YouTube TV. It is also a subscription-based Christian streaming service offering family-friendly and faith-based entertainment.

The channel provides hours of commercial-free shows and movies safe for the whole family to watch.

You can watch shows like Bringing Up Bates, Ties That Bind, Bulloch Family Ranch, Growing UP McGee, and Date My Dad.

2. Catholic TV Network

Catholic TV Mass
CatholicTV Mass – Image: Catholictv.org
  • Owner: iCatholic Media
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Smart TV, iOS, Android, Roku, Cable
  • Popular Shows: CatholicTV Mass, The Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Website: catholictv.org

Catholic TV Network is among the best free Christian channels on Roku. The network offers a variety of programming, including daily Mass and Catholic prayers.

CatholicTV’s programming includes shows such as The Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Divine Office, Let Us Pray, and Stations of the Cross.

The network mostly dedicates its programming to the Catholic faithful worldwide and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

3. PureFlix

Discover the best of Faith and Family on Pureflix. – Image: pureflix.com
  • Owner: Sony Pictures and Great American Media
  • Countries: United States and Canada
  • How to Watch: iOS, Android ($5.84 monthly)
  • Popular Shows: The Encounter, The Healing Tribe, and The Beverlys
  • Website: pureflix.com

PureFlix is a video streaming service that provides a wholesome viewing experience for the entire family. The service is similar to Netflix or Hulu and allows you to watch your favourite faith media anytime.

PureFlix only streams family-friendly movies, TV shows, and documentaries unlike other streaming services.

Its most popular shows include The Encounter, Restored With Missy Robertson, Malibu Dan the Family Man, and The Jeff Foxworthy Show.

4. TBN Network TV

TBN Network TV
  • Owner: Paul Crouch, Jan Crouch
  • Countries: United States
  • How to Watch: Roku, Sling TV, Cable, Android, iOS
  • Popular Shows: The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes, The 700 Club, Praise
  • Website: tbn.org
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Trinity Broadcasting Network TV is an international Christian-based broadcast television network and the world’s largest religious television network. TBN primarily broadcasts Christian programming, including sermons, talk shows, music videos, and movies.

TBN is home to the largest library of Christian media. You can enjoy shows touching on today’s culture, such as Takeaways with Kirk Cameron.

Also, you can catch the latest events from a Christian worldview.

5. Christian TV

Christian TV-org
  • Owner: Internet Missionaries
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Android, Web
  • Popular Shows: The Chosen, Duck Dynasty, 7th Heaven
  • Website: Christian-tv.org

Christian TV is one of the best free Christian TV apps. The app allows you to access Christian TV channels and video programming online at no extra cost.

Christian TV has over 40 of the most popular Christian TV channels. You can access Mission TV, SumTV Latino, 3ABN, and Good News TV.

6. CBN Family

CBN Family
The CBN Family TV. Image: cbn.com
  • Owner: The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Roku, Android, iOS, Web
  • Popular Shows: The 700 Club, Jerusalem Dateline, Faith Nation, CBN News
  • Website: cbn.com

CBN Family is a free Christian TV streaming app from the Christian Broadcasting Network. The app broadcasts live channels and on-demand videos.

CBN Family offers historical documentaries, special teachings, and original movies touching the Christian family.

You can enjoy popular shows like Superbook and access three live video channels, including CBN News, CBN Live, and CBN Español. Also, the app lets you stream unique Christian music stations for free.

7. FaithNOW

TV channel FaithNow is a Powerful platform for inspirational content – Image: faithnow.com
  • Owner: FaithNOW Inc.
  • Countries: Africa, USA, UK
  • How to Watch: Android, iOS, Smart TV, Roku ($1.99)
  • Popular Shows: Heaven on Earth, Katie TV
  • Website: myfaith.tv

FaithNOW is an app that combines Christian-based content and services on one platform. It is the best for people seeking inspirational content, family entertainment, and lifestyle teachings.

FaithNOW also provides uplifting music, live 24/7 linear video streams, ministry channels, and live 24/7 radio and podcasts.

You can enjoy programmes like Victory Channel, Curry Blake TV, The Word Network, and It’s Supernatural Network.

8. Angel Studios

Angel Studios
Stream free, original shows for the whole family
  • Owner: Neal Harmon, Daniel Harmon, Jordan Harmon and Benton Crane
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Android, iOS, Roku, Web
  • Popular Shows: The Chosen, Dry Bar Comedy, The Wingfeather Saga
  • Website: angel.com

Angel Studios offers live streams of Christian-based movies, shows, documentaries, and events. The studio handpicks content from audiences to ensure they are part of what they want to watch.

Angel Studios is behind the award-winning Christian show The Chosen. You can also watch the critically acclaimed Sound of Freedom or get inspired by movies like Testament.

Although Angel Studios has premium content, you can also find free content to watch with family and friends.

9. Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project
Witness the Spirit’s Moving – Image: cmsedit.cbn.com
  • Owner: Cru Ministry,
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Android
  • Popular Shows: The Gospel Collection, The Passion of the Christ
  • Website: jesusfilm.org
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Jesus Film Project is one of the best Christian apps for Jesus-based content. It is an evangelism app created for families, missionaries, and all Christians who want to learn more about Jesus and the New Testament.

Jesus Film Project lets you watch shows like Jesus (1979), Life of Jesus (The Gospel of John), Reflections of Hope, and Chosen Witness. The content on the app is free to access.

10. Redeem TV

Redeem TV
Redeem TV: Streaming Goodness – Image: redeemtv.com
  • Owner: Christian History Institute
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Web, Android, iOS, Smart TV
  • Popular Shows: For This Reason, Eyewitness Bible, Tuttle Twins
  • Website: redeemtv.com

Christian History Institute’s Redeem TV is a donor-supported Christian streaming service. It offers encouraging, edifying, and hope-filled entertainment for people of all ages.

Redeem TV has an ever-growing library of over 1,500 quality dramas, documentaries, animated features, children’s shows, episodic series, and Bible studies.

Its popular shows include Entertaining Angels, The Storyteller, and The Chosen.

11. HisChannel

Image: HisChannel.com
  • Owner: HisChannel Ministries
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Roku, Web, iOS
  • Popular Shows: Pray for a Miracle, Dr Charles Stanley, Don Stewart, The Rapture
  • Website: hischannel.com

HisChannel is a Christian television network channel on Roku. The channel offers live TV and VOD featuring Bible teachers.

HisChannel mostly brings content geared towards Christian teachings. However, you can watch movies, documentaries, and shows like Wake Up America, The Apostle Paul, and Taking the Hill.

12. FaithStream

FaithStream TV
The FaithStream TV: Life-changing television
  • Owner: Christian Family Owned Ministry
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Web, Smart TV
  • Popular Shows: Abundant Living, Anchors of Truth
  • Website: faithstream.tv

FaithStream is a Christian streaming service offering faith-filled, uplifting, inspiring, and positive television programming.

It has all types of Christian content, including live services, music, documentaries, music, and educational programming.

FaithStream also lets you stream Christian TV stations online. You can watch over 200 Christian TV channels and over 50 Christian radio channels and access 24/7 Christian kids’ channels.

13. Amazing Facts TV

Amazing Facts TV
The Amazing Facts TV: Feed your spiritual soul
  • Owner: Joe Crews, Amazing Facts International
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Web, Smart TV, iOS, Android, Roku
  • Popular Shows: Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, Sabbath School Study Hour
  • Website: amazingfacts.org

Amazing Facts TV is a channel that broadcasts Bible-based programming 24/7 to all Christians and non-Christians.

It has many popular shows, Amazing Facts Presents, Sabbath School Study Hour, Landmarks of Prophecy, and Doctrines that Divide.

Although Amazing Facts TV caters to all Christians and non-Christians, its content aligns with the teachings of the Sabbath Day Adventists.

Nevertheless, the content is available to everyone for free. You do not need to sign up to start watching its content.  

14. Spirit TV

Spirit TV
Change your atmosphere
  • Owner: Spirit Communications, Inc.
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Roku, Android
  • Popular Shows: The Music
  • Website: myspirit.tv

Spirit TV is among the best Christian TV stations online, featuring positive, encouraging music videos.

The channel brings you music 24/7 from various Christian artists, including Jamie Grace, Toby Mac, and other new and upcoming gospel musicians.

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Besides music, Spirit TV also brings you ministry programs from time to time. The TV channel is free on Roku, and you can stream it for free on its mobile app or the web.

15. GospelTruth TV

Image: gospeltruth.tv
  • Owner: Andrew Wommack Ministries
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Android, iOS, Web, Smart TV, Roku
  • Popular Shows: Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, Healing University
  • Website: gospeltruth.tv

GospelTruth TV is an internet TV network offering users Godly programming online. The channel offers consistent teachings from Andrew Wommack and other teachers.

GospelTruth TV also offers different content, including live streams, on-demand programs, and radio functions.

Its popular shows include Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, The Gospel Truth Conference, and Grace and Faith Conference.

16. EWTN

Watch free Christian TV on EWTN – Image: ewtn.com
  • Owner: Eternal Word Television Network Inc.
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Cable, iOS, Android, Roku, Smart TV, Web
  • Popular Shows: The Journey Home, The World Over, EWTN News Nightly
  • Website: ewtn.com

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) is a global Catholic TV, radio, and news network. It primarily provides Catholic programming and news coverage from around the world.

The channel offers a variety of content, including daily news and analysis, live streams, on-demand programmes, and radio shows.

As one of the best religious channels on TV, EWTN has a strong focus on pro-life, education, spirituality, and Catholicism.

17. GOD TV

God TV
  • Owner: Wendy Alec, Rory Alec
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Cable, Satellite, Android, iOS, Roku, Web
  • Popular Shows: Amplified, GOD TV Together, The Worship Factor
  • Website: god.tv

GOD TV is one of the best free Christian streaming channels online. The channel broadcasts Christian programmes, including talk shows, conferences, documentaries, and music.

Some popular shows on GOD TV include Studio 5, which explores the intersection of celebrity, popular culture, and faith, and The Chosen in Hindi.

However, GOD TV’s programming varies by region, with each region having its local content.

18. 3ABN

Image: 3abn.org
  • Owner: Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Cable, Satellite, iOS, Android, Roku, Smart TV
  • Popular Shows: 3ABN Today, Action 4 Life, A Sharper Focus
  • Website: 3abn.org

3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) is a 24-hour Christian TV and radio network offering a variety of family-friendly Christian programming. The network comprises nine television channels and five radio channels in seven languages.

3ABN’s content includes daily news and analysis, live streams, on-demand programs, and radio shows. You can tune in to watch daily Mass, Bible teachings, devotions, and shows about the lives of the saints.

19. Daystar

Daystar TV
Spreading the gospel via Television: Image: daystar.tv
  • Owner: Word of God Fellowship
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Cable, Satellite, Android, iOS, Roku, Smart TV, Web
  • Popular Shows: Ministry Now, Joni Table Talk, The Green Room
  • Website: daystar.tv

Daystar is one of the best religious TV channels to stream online. It brings you uplifting, informative, and inspiring content for free on the web and other platforms.

Daystar has many popular programmes, including Joni Table Talk, which features Joni Lamb discussing current events and issues and Gospel Music Showcase, which features performances by gospel music artists.

The channel lets you live stream or keep up with your favorite videos with Daystar on Demand.

20. Hope Channel

Image: hopetv.org
  • Owner: Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Countries: Worldwide
  • How to Watch: Cable, Satellite, iOS, Android, Web, Smart TV
  • Popular Shows: InVerse, Bible HelpDesk, Real Family Talk
  • Website: hopetv.org

Hope Channel is a Christian lifestyle TV network affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It offers the best way to watch Christian TV stations for free online.

The network has over 80 channels operating globally. You can watch family-friendly Christian programming focusing on faith, health, relationships, and community. 

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