How to mirror a phone to a TV without Wi-Fi

The ability to connect our TVs with phones has simplified how we consume content.

While WIFI connections make it easier to mirror smartphones on Smart TVs, there are alternative ways to watch your phone videos without Wi-Fi. Therefore, lack of connection or slow Internet should never be the reason to miss your favorite show.

So, how do you mirror a phone to a TV without Wi-Fi? Depending on the resources available, there are different ways to mirror your smartphone to a TV.

First, you can connect your TV to your smartphone through an HDMI cable using converters. Also, peer-to-peer wireless connections are a perfect alternative to Wi-Fi.

However, if you want to stream a movie from one of the popular sites such as Netflix, you should get Chromecast or other dongles.

4 ways to mirror your phone to the TV without Wi-Fi

To connect your phone to smart TV without Wi-Fi, use any of the following options:

1. Use a USB-C to HDMI converter

USB C to HDMI converter
Image credit: uniaccessories

The best cable option to connect your Smart TV to your phone is by using an HDMI cable. Since phones do not have HDMI ports, you need a converter.

Any USB-C to HDMI converter can easily cast an Android or iOS screen to a TV without Wi-Fi. For the best results, we recommend the Uni Thunderbolt or the Anker USB-C to HDMI converters.

If you are on an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning connector, you can get the Lightning Digital AV Adapter from any store. The adapter works precisely as the USB-C to HDMI converter. 

However, if the HDMI and USB-C connection does transmit the audio and visual signals check for other options. The same case applies to iPhone users. Fortunately, the chances of this connection option failing are minimal.

2. Connect the phone and TV using Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct has simplified screen mirroring. Since the connection works in a similar way to Bluetooth, you can stream all media files from your files without buffing.

However, your phone and TV must have Wi-Fi Direct as part of network connections.

To enable the network on your TV:

  • Go to your TV’s Menu
  • Scroll down to network and then select Wi-Fi Direct
  • Enable the Wi-Fi Direct

To connect the phone and TV using this peer-to-peer connection:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Select Network & Internet
  • Tap the Wi-Fi option (or toggle it to the On position)
  • Go to Wi-Fi preferences (For Samsung smartphone users, select the three dots at the top right section of your screen)
  • Scroll down to the Advanced option
  • Select the Wi-Fi Direct
  • Search your TV’s protocol
  • Once you see it, tap connect
Samsung Galaxy WiFi Direct option
Image credit: Samsung

In some TV brands, the steps may be slightly different. Fortunately, regardless of the TV brand, Wi-Fi Direct is on the network list.

However, if your TV does not have this option, you can mirror it with a phone using Miracast, which works similarly to this connection.

3. Connect the two devices through the Miracast App

The Miracast App is an ideal option if you get stuck while using Wi-Fi Direct. For it to work, your TV must have Bluetooth. But you must first download the app on your phone.

The app is available on the Android and Apple app stores. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, enable it in your TV’s settings.

To get Miracast on Smart TV:

  • Go to your TV’s settings
  • Scroll down to Display
  • Change the setting to ON
  • Search for Miracast devices
  • Connect the phone with the app

It is important to note that the app is not free on the Apple Store. However, if you are on Android, it is available for free.

4. Invest in a Google Chromecast (or other dongles)

In some special cases, some major streaming platforms, such as Netflix, limit visuals when you stream from your phone to a TV without Wi-Fi. You may get the sound only in some instances.

If you are experiencing this problem, the final option is to invest in a Google Chromecast or its alternative.

However, if the reason for mirroring your phone on TV is to share pictures and downloaded videos, the first three options will work fine.

Ready to mirror your phone?

While mirroring your phone to a TV on a shared Wi-Fi network is seamless and efficient, connecting the two remotely still works.

Connecting the TV with a phone using HDMI cable (through a converter), using WiFi Direct, and Miracast App are the three best options.

However, if you are streaming from Netflix and other platforms, the three options may not work. In such a case, buy a streaming dongle.

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