Jujutsu Kaisen 260: 5 small details you may have missed

Jujutsu Kaisen keeps on getting better and better. Chapter 260 was everything the fans were waiting for, with the heated battle between the sorcerers and resident bad guy Sukuna.

Chapter 260 also teased the possible return of fan-favorite character Gojo.

However, amid all things, you might have missed a few details in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260. Below is a look at some of these things explained in detail.

It is not Gojo returning but Kenjaku in Gojo’s body

At the end of Chapter 260, Sukuna sees an image of Satoru Gojo. This has led many fans to believe that Gojo will be resurrected in the upcoming chapter. 

However, some fans have different theories about what this means. One of the top theories is that it is not Gojo returning, but instead Kenjaku in Gojo’s body.

This theory is supported by Kenjaku swapping bodies before with Suguru Geto after he passed away. Therefore, it is not outside the realm of possibilities for him to take over Gojo’s body.

The theory that Kenjaku will take over Gojo’s body has been circulating since Gojo’s death. Indeed, some fans think Kenjaku will attempt this, thus gaining Gojo’s six-eye power.

Apart from Kenjaku, several other theories explain how Gojo could return, including that he is a puppet or that another character like Yuta or Nobara could take over his body.

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Sukuna might get his power restored soon

Sukuna is in the process of casting Domain Expansion.
Sukuna is in the process of casting Domain Expansion. Image: X/JJKMya_

At the end of Chapter 260, things are not going Sukuna’s way. He is losing badly to Yuji and Todo, with Yuji digging into his chest, intent on clawing out his heart.

Sukuna is in the process of casting Domain Expansion, but that plan will most likely fail if Gojo (or another character in Gojo’s body) returns.

Therefore, for the next few chapters, you can expect him to be low on power and to lose terribly against other characters.

However, Sukuna’s weakened state will not likely last long, and he will almost likely regain his powers.

One of the top ways this can happen is if another character, say Uraume, sacrifices themselves for Sukuna to regain his strength.

Sukuna is being haunted by Gojo’s ghost

While the vision of Gojo might signal the return of a fan-favorite character, it could also mean something else: Sukuna is hallucinating about Gojo.

Sukuna is faring badly against Todo and Yuji, with Yuji trying to claw out his heart. Therefore, he might be close to dying, hence hallucinating about Gojo, who was Yuji and Todo’s mentor.

Therefore, although Gojo is dead, his ghost has returned to haunt Sukuna through Yuji and Todo.

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Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen have several other theories as to why Sukuna might be hallucinating Gojo’s presence, including brain damage from vibraslap on his ear and dehydration coupled with the exhaustion from his fight.

Todo might have helped Yuta kill Kenjaku

For a while now, fans of Jujutsu Kaisen have been speculating that Todo helped Yuta kill Kenjaku after Yuta used Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique to land the killing blow.

Jujutsu Chapter 260 has revealed some clues which have lent credence to this theory.

One clue is that Todo was present in Gosho Lake Colony with Yuta, where the latter helped him work on his cursed technique.

This would have allowed Yuta to copy Todo’s technique, which he used to kill Kenjaku.

Some fans have also theorized that Todo was with Yuta (but hidden) when the latter attacked Kenjaku. This could explain how Yuta got behind Kenjaku and landed the killing blow without the latter noticing.

Gojo will return but lose much of his strength

Gojo's powers will be limited.
Gojo’s powers will be limited. Image: X/JJKcontents

Sukuna’s vision at the end of chapter 260 could well indicate that Gojo is returning. But while many fans might be excited about his return, he will likely not be the strong Gojo we are used to.

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Gojo suffered severe injuries when he died; therefore, even if he is healed and restored, you can expect some lasting physical or brain damage.

Consequently, his powers will be limited, and he will no longer be one of the strongest sorcerers.

While waiting for the new Jujutsu Kaisen episode, you can check out other anime streaming sites for the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

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