How to program a universal remote to a TV without codes

A universal remote is an excellent replacement for all the remotes that come with your electronic gadgets. After buying the remote you are required to find codes that would help in remote programming.

But what if you cannot find the codes you need? How about how to program the remote after finding the codes or without the codes? To accomplish the programming of your remote you need the right technical information.

Here you will learn how to program remotes without the codes, ways to find the codes, and the process used in programming a universal remote to the TV.

How to program a universal remote without a code

It is easy to program a universal remote without codes. Here are the steps:

  • Press the ‘Power’ button on the TV you would like to link to the remote
  • Press and hold down the ‘LED’ button until it lights up
  • On the remote press the ‘TV’ button. The light should blink once and then stay on.
  • Press the ‘Power’ button while pointing towards the TV
  • Hold the position until the TV turns off.
  • Press the ‘Enter’ button

The LED light will now stop showing the light. If this occurs, then the remote has been successfully programmed to your TV. This is the easiest process to follow if you want to program TV remotes.

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How to find the code for your universal remote

There are three easy methods you can apply to find the code for your universal remote. They are:

1. Search for the manufacturer’s list

If you have the codes needed to program your remote the programming process is much easier. Here is how you can find the universal remote codes:

  • Open the battery cover of the remote
  • On the cover or in the battery compartment, find the remote model number
  • Search on the manufacturer’s website for the universal remote instructions
  • Note down the TV codes from the instructions

To make a universal remote work with your TV, you will need to find the right codes for your specific TV brand.

2. Manual list

You can also find the manual that comes with the remote for the list of codes for different TV brands. Using the codes from the manufacturer’s website or the manual, you can now set up the remote.

In setting up a universal remote you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn the TV on
  • Press the ‘TV’ button
  • Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button. The remote will light up twice indicating that it is in learning mode.
  • Enter the code for your TV
  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on the remote. Perform this action while pointing it towards the TV until it turns off.
  • Release the button
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The remote has been successfully programmed using the right code. However, if the remote functions fail to work, repeat the process with the extra code given for your TV brand.

3. Perform an auto code search

You can also perform an auto code search on your remote to find the right code. A universal remote contains a pre-set database of several codes for many TV brands.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn on your TV
  • On your remote press the ‘TV’ button once
  • Press the ‘TV’ and ‘Power’ button at the same time and then release
  • Press the ‘Play’ button and then release

After releasing the button, wait for a few seconds to see if the TV turns off. If it turns off, the remote has found the right code for your TV. If it does not turn off, repeat the process until the TV turns off.

Once the TV turns off, press and release the “Reverse Arrow” button after every two seconds until the TV turns back on. Finally, press the ‘Stop’ button and release

This action will allow the remote to save the searched code. You can now try out the different remote buttons on your TV to check the remote functionality.

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A universal remote provides an easy solution for operating any TV brand. With the guide above you can now program your remote without the codes.

It also provides easy ways to find the right codes for your TV and how to program your remote using the codes. Try them out to set up your remote and enjoy your favorite TV.

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