Which is the best browser for video streaming?

The choice of your browser will significantly affect your overall online streaming experience. Just by simply picking the right browser, you can save time and experience seamless viewing.

With several browsers on the market today, the choice is harder than ever. Most or nearly all browsers are free to download and use. This, in itself, makes the market quite broad.

We have, however, listed some of the outstanding browsers based on several factors. These factors include safety, availability of extensions, and playback speeds.

7 best browsers for streaming videos online

Here is a list of the best browser for streaming videos.

1. Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is a household name when it comes to browsing. The browser is quite stable and has versions compatible with Android and iOS systems. I

ts ability to handle graphics without crashing makes it the best browser for video streaming.

Mozilla also allows users to integrate different add-ons that streamline video streaming. With the proper utilization of ad- blockers video streaming is uninterrupted.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is an equally popular browser that offers numerous helpful extensions. The browser is simple, secure, and fast to use. Besides, it has fast keys for sites such as Gmail and YouTube. This makes it the best browser for YouTube streaming.

The downside to chrome, however, is its resource-hungry nature. The browser is not recommended for machines with weak system specifications.

Chromium’s open-source nature enables massive developments on the app.

3. Opera


Opera comes in third in the browser race. The first advantage of the browser is its quick launch and clean user interface. The browser is particularly ideal for users with low internet speeds.

This is because it compresses data and uses the least possible data size. Opera will duck out of sites that it regards as unsafe. This is helpful but could also lead to data loss in some situations.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Edge comes as the default browsing system for Windows 10 devices. The browser is well structured and has modern browser skins.

It offers integration with modules such as Adobe Flash Player which provides for quality video streaming.

It is also a good browser to play online videos. Edge is also a considerably fast browser.

The browser’s main shortcoming is that it is only available for Windows 10 operating systems, all systems earlier than Windows 10 cannot run the browser.

5. Microsoft Internet Explorer

internet explorer browser

Once the most popular browser, Internet Explorer has fallen behind the leading browsers like Chrome and Firefox. However, the browser has its own strengths. It uses fewer resources compared to most other browsers.

It does not hold the CPU or RAM for longer than necessary. Explorer can play videos but not as well as the top browsers.

This is largely due to its inability to handle many add-ons. But it is no doubt that Explorer ranks high on the list of fast browsers.

6. Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is largely associated with access to unsecured sites or dark web resources. Its privacy aspects are its main strongholds. This is why it is the best browser for video streaming if you are looking to be safe online.

Tor has web scripts that will allow video streaming. Nevertheless, video streaming with the browser is quite different. You will need to adopt new habits to stay anonymous while streaming.

This includes the need to regularly exit the full-screen mode to avoid detection. The Tor browser is complex for some users who want straightforward browsing.

Netflix streaming is particularly good on this browser because you can unlock content restricted in your area by a change of IP address.

While Tor might not be faster than many other browsers in this list, it is the best browser for streaming geographical streaming content.

7. Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is a capable web browser that gives full control to users through several customizations. The app has moveable keys that can be toggled with.

When streaming videos, Vivaldi connects to the best available server to ensure the video runs without unprecedented buffering.

Users of this browser normally take a while before they fully understand the full capabilities of the browser.

The list above makes it a bit easy to find the best browser for video streaming. Some browsers like Tor prioritize security but can still stream while Edge will be faster with fewer add-ons available.

Those using computers with low hardware specifications should opt for less resource-intensive browsers. The choice will solely depend on what your device can handle.

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