Youtube TV troubleshooting: Common problems and fixes

YouTube TV can stop working when you are in the middle of watching your favorite show. In some cases, the problem occurs when you try to cast a video from your mobile device to television.

Whether you are using the app on Android TV, Samsung TVs, Apple TV, LG TVs, or Roku, you may also experience issues with loading videos and getting some faulty playback. Here’s how you can fix issues with YouTube TV.

Fix YouTube TV not working

So, what should you do when you encounter YouTube TV problems? The following are possible solutions.

1. Restart the application

Restarting the app should always be the first thing you do when you encounter issues with YouTube TV not working on Roku. You can do it by powering off your device and opening it.

Reopen the app to see changes. The restart should fix most issues with streaming, casting, and even slow internet speeds.

2. Check your internet connection

The casting process can only be successful when you have a high-speed or solid internet connection. While most people use mobile data, the Wi-Fi network tends to be more stable.

At the minimum, your connection should register a speed of 3 Mbps. It is the best speed for giving you a trouble-free viewing experience.

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If your speed is higher than 3 Mbps but you are still experiencing video playback issues, or YouTube TV keeps buffering, lower your video quality.

For example, if the quality was 1080p, lower it to the standard 360p. To lower the quality:

  • Open YouTube TV
  • Select the video or program you want to watch
  • On the video player, tap the Overflow button
  • Select Quality
  • Choose a lower quality for the video

It is best to avoid watching programs in 4K if your internet speed is less than 20 Mbps.

3. Check for device or app updates

You may be experiencing technical problems because your device or app is outdated. You need to update either to ensure everything is working well.

Updating also helps to fix other issues like the slow loading of videos.

To update the app:

  • Go to Google Play
  • Tap on My Apps and Games and locate YouTube TV
  • Tap Update is updates are available

You should also check to see whether your device is running the latest OS.

4. Check your location permissions

When signing up to YouTube TV for the first time, you will have to provide your local zipcode. Also, you may have to confirm your location.

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The aim is to ensure you are getting access to the right local networks. Furthermore, some content creators put restrictions on where their videos should be shown.

If the app does not have access to your locality, you will encounter streaming issues. As such, ensure you provide accurate information when signing up.

5. Contact Support services

If the problem with YouTube TV not working on Apple TV continues, contact support services. It is possible there may be a YouTube TV outage in your area or worldwide.

Contacting the service providers will help you to fix the problem. Use social media for a fast response.

When you have an issue with YouTube TV, the first solution is to restart your device. If the app is loading slowly or buffering, ensure your internet speed is above 3 Mbps.

Contact the support team if all the fixes fail.

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